Uploaded on May 8, 2016

This is a tool. Its meant to be downloaded and printed out in small segments for piano players to use and play.


Break Time:
I might take a month break... Maybe not... who knows.


undertale toby fox full ost once upon a time start menu your best friend fallen down ruins uwa so temperate anticipation unnecessary tension enemy approaching ghost fight determination home heartache sans nyeh heh heh snowy uwa so holiday dogbass dogsong

Pages 122
Duration 01:31:03
Measures 2819
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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It has a glitch, when you skip somewhere too far, it will repeat the full OST again. It’s annoying
don't you mean "almost full ost"?
Tem Shop is a bit off tempo wise, but I’m not picky. This is actually pretty cool, props to the creator.
You're doing some real public service here. Thank you so much!
HOW DID YOU DO THIS?! And i'm a little curious... how long did this take to make?
Loveeeee this!!!! " Baird that carries you over a disproportionately small gap" - Omega Music
What's harder, beating sans, or playing Megalovania on the piano? Bar 703, or at 29:50, page 29
Playing Megalovania on the piano. DUUUUH!
The title for OST 33 is missing Quiet Water
PS. I love the music! Super impressed!
A very good soundtrack, however, the repeats broke after the D. S. al Coda in Dummy.
You need to fix metal crusher, other wise nice.
I love how Megalovania is just written in big letters as if the music is saying, "Hey! I know this is what you all are here for!"
I don't think I've listened to something so long and thoroughly enjoyed it. GG my dude
Can I use part of your Spears of Justice and of course I'll give you credit.
not to seem mean yet who has the time to put the full undertale ost into piano form? love the music tho keep up the good work. also 112 pages is that like a song a page?
Because you don't have to print the whole thing.
The first bass note in bar 9 is a Bb, the rest of the figuration is right.
lol I don't have a teacher for piano or anything but I was at a friends house yesterday and he played megalovania and I was awed so I have been playing this nonstop now so thank you
It’s.... it’s...., it’s just AWESOME!!!
Cool! Can I use a little for YouTube pls.
pretty good, even with wrong notes and missing parts, you seem to pull it together
You have to be the most patient person in this universe. And also the most DETERMINATED. Really well done man :)
the repeats started to noticeably stop working for me at around OST 53, so i started going back and checking... the repeats stop working for me at about OST 37, Pathetic House.
They stopped working for me at OST 36, Dummy!, for me
We're all dummies for listening to the song and breaking the repeats :/
Ah... My piano teacher will be annoyed that a 112 page song is now my goal
Where is OST 73? If you scroll down, right after 72 (song that might play when you fight sans) is 74, then 76 (as 75 is just wind noises).