Variatio 1 a 1 Clav.


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MercuryIII's picture

Also, you may want to look up Dr. C. Hall's analysis of the Variations. He provides an optimal metronome marking for each.

MercuryIII's picture

To clarify what pooispoois said: Bar Four, Right Hand: Last note should be Re

craig's picture

With MIDI playback on this page, there is a one-measure rest added between the first and second repeat of this section. This also happens at the end of other variations as well.

pooispoois's picture

Last note should be a D.

fedecasal's picture

I mean this passage as well as the last one on page 2.

fedecasal's picture

It could be a good idea to put the final note in the left hand in parenthesis.

Axel's picture

Why the other variations have a Metronome marking? Don't you think there is not necessary?

OpenGoldberg's picture

Hello Open Goldberg Variations reviewers! You can annotate the score with the "Add a note" link (lower on the page, on the right).

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Uploaded Jun 1, 2011
Pages 2
Duration 1:54
Measures 32
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 1
License CC Zero
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