Fauré - Piano Quintet No. 2 (Op. 115)

Uploaded on Jun 5, 2017

Transcribed for OpenScore by JayW (https://musescore.com/user/43726).

OpenScore IMSLP-27196

Pages 185
Duration 30:55
Measures 1251
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 5
Part names Violin(2), Viola, Cello, Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Creative Commons copyright waiver
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Sorry for my profanity, but I'm about to support the fuck out of this project. That's all.
I know this is picky, but Faure numbered the violin parts as 1st and 2nd.
It's a very long piece and the transcriber has put a lot of work into it... and I hate to make out a negative remark but I see many collisions between objects – like notes with lines and dynamics, which could have been easily corrected by just moving them apart or increasing the space between the staves – as well as incorrectly positioned slurs. Could it be some bug when uploading the score? Perhaps all that was taken care of and was lost when it was uploaded. Or perhaps I'm just being to picky and the OpenScore initiative is not necessarily aimed at producing perfectly notated scores?
The OpenSocre guidelines specifically states that you shall not enter any forced formatting to the score to change/increase readability. This because such formatting may be differently supported and interpreted between different score softwares and versions of such. Implementing forced formating in one software can make it beautifull there, but completelly ruin it in another. Thus, the OpenScore version shall be as "clean" as possible, so that you can format as you want in your own version. :)
Really? Where are those guidelines? I was sure I've read all about how to make transcriptions for the OpenScore project but if what you say is true then I missed something. Can you post a link?
https://musescore.com/shoogle/scores/3434266 First page. Long time since I've read it now. As I read it again it is more of a "don't bother"-tip than a rule. But still, it is logical. Actually I think they should make it a proper rule. If you do adjust the looks to _your_ preferences in the official score, in stead of using the default, it will be harder for others to use and adjust that score for other preferences later. For instance if one wants to change the font type or note size, the forced formatting will not adjust according to that and the user have to spend time removing all of it before adjusting to own preferences.
Thanks! I hadn't seen that document before. I see I'll have to make several corrections to my transcription. However, it doesn't say there what you mention. In fact, it says "all notes, rests, text and symbols... should be present... and should not collide with each other." And that is precisely what I pointed out above. What you say about forced formatting does indeed appear somewhere else. I've read it. But I understood it as "don't do anything that might make the score look different in other machines, such as using a font that doesn't come preinstalled with Musescore."