From The Ashes "Annihilation" (PART 1)

Uploaded on Jun 8, 2019

This is part 1 of Section 2, From The Ashes, entitled, "Annihilation" , which is a small part of the Phoenix Chronicles, which is a very big piece (4 Chronicles, 12 Sections, 36 parts, 120 movements, 300 minutes when its done... you know, typical piece ). Favorite, comment, and enjoy!

Decimation (movement 1):
*5 Years Later*
You wake up in a cold sweat. It's the middle of the night. You just had a nightmare; those creatures had attacked earth. It's an insane idea, but it seemed so... real. You lie down and fall back asleep.
-Earth Orbit-
"Admiral, we have reached the invader homeworld, planet T-69, which they call earth. "
"Excellent, prepare orbital bombardment and begin atmospheric entrance. Send all crew to battle stations and tell other ship captains to do the same."
"Understood, sir."
Admiral Taunol surveyed the Royal Fleet; over 300 ships under his command. He smiled; soon the invaders would be no more, their civilization wiped from existence.
"Orbital Bombardment ready, sir."
"Excellent, you may fire when ready."
-New York City, USA-
As you leave your apartment, you see hundreds of people staring and pointing at the sky. You look up.
Dozens of ships are entering the atmosphere. You see small objects leave the ship, streaking towards the surface. One of them crashes into a nearby building, causing it to collapse. It explodes.

Anarchy (movement 2):
Coming Soon!

Also, Check out the link for The Youtube channel for higher quality audio and some dope pictures

Evil Long piece Phoenix Chronicles Movie pieces story original

Pages 22
Duration 09:55
Measures 156
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 38
Part names Piano(3), Percussion(8), Guitar(3), Harmonica(4), Harp(3), Bass(2), Voice(2), Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Brass Ensemble, Strings(4), Clarinet, Other Woodwinds(2), Synthesizer(2)
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