Sweet Dreams

Uploaded on Jan 26, 2019

(To hear how it's properly played, click the mixer button to the left of the tempo percentage dial, and change the audio source to 'Sweet Dreams')

This is one of the many pieces that my piano teacher asked me to make, as I am a composer-in-the-making. This piece in particular was a challenge to make, as I personally love quick songs, which was the whole reason my teacher asked me to make it, she wanted to see what I can do when exposed to a genre that I am unfamiliar with and not a particular fan of...

You can see that I did incorporate a style of 'quickness' in the L.H. arpeggiation throughout the song. I am also a fan of syncopated songs, especially ragtime, which can be seen in the middle section a little.

My piano teacher liked the construction of the song, so when composer compition in our state opened up(ILMEA), my teacher and some others decided that out of this and the other pieces I had made, that I should enter this piece. I would get 1st place in the "Instrumental Solo" category, something I would be very honered to receive.

I personally enjoy this piece, the construction of it and just overall how it sounds. I hope you enjoy it in the same way I did, and thanks for reading!

Luluby Hunter Wittenborn Wittenborn ILMEA

Pages 1
Duration 01:44
Measures 26
Key signature 6 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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