Megalovania - Trombone Solo

Uploaded on Mar 12, 2016

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undertale trombone

Pages 1
Duration 02:36
Measures 54
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
Part names Trombone
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just screen shot the music, cut out the blue border, and print it lol.
"You feel like you're going to have a bad time...."
im a second year playing in an advanced 3rd year band and this song just takes practace
if you weren't playing on a slide, it just maybe would be easy
I cannot pump out these kinda noes. gonna need a high note mouthpiece.

(EDIT) is actually really easy...
trom-bone.................................. help me
Also you dont have to play the whole thing
ez all you have to do is figure out the licks
Well in order to make an easier version, you would either have to slow down the song drastically, or change the melody.
You fell your SANS crawling on your back.
Ok, that was way to cringy. Try something more HUMERUS.....
this is so sad can we hit sans undertale
You should go back to third grade to learn proper grammar and spelling before you talk about how cringy THIS is.
Humerus is a bone but people call it a funny bone but some people don’t get comedy
I just started playing it and my god is it fun! Amazingly accurate, the best trombone solo ive ever seen of Megalovania. Great job man!
i can barely get past the first ten mesures without the song falling apart
Huh. After a while this gets not too difficult
All of these people are complaining about getting winded, and I'm just over here playing this on the double bass...
*You feel like either your slide is gonna fall off, or your arm.
I've been playing baritone for a month and i can play this... rreeaallllyy slowly.....
Omg this the most fun I've had in a while with my trombone xD!! I'm a sophomore in high school and omg this shit is a pain!! The fucking triplets kill on certain parts and I still need to practice double tounging a little but still amn this has been fun! I still think its funny bc shit man, like someone else said, if you've read or tried to play the sheet music for flight of the bumblebee then this is nothing. Also, another thing I've learned is that for smoother sections, when double tonguing use your tongue to make an L sound instead of a K sound which is what you're supposed to do normally but I found the other way of doing makes it sound less sharp. I hope someone got what I meant by that bc it sounds kinda confusing. Other than that, super accurate and I can't tell you how god it feels to add this to my pantheon of meme music I can play on my trombone!!
100% chance of getting winded in this song
Either you are the worst at spelling or the worst at typing.
You know ive been thinking, was this preordained was this meant to be somwhere deep down i thought that you could change fightning means nothing but i'll fight anyway
fits the actual song very well at 120
The music fills you with DETERMINATION
i play bassoon so technically this should go very well but its fun to play when my band teacher walks into the bandroom with my saxophone brothers
This looks pretty nice! I'll pass true judgment after trying it though...
i somehow managed to play it on the violoncello (cello)
Dang i play euphonium and thanks gof because if i played trombone my arm would slap out, i had the most troubles in the 16 nites in the reapet sign
I play euphonium too, and I can never get that part
i play euphonium and trombone and i can certainly confirm that the demisemiquaver triplet is cancer on both
Saaaaaaaame Ima just go shoot myself
oh my god someone should give this to maunuel nageli
Geeeeeeet dunked on I just did the whole thing