The Original Guess the Song (Last Updated 3/3/18)

Uploaded on Jan 14, 2017

The Rules are simple: Press play, listen, and comment what you think the song is. Winner gets... well, nothing really. Bragging rights? Yeah, lets go with that.

Pages 7
Duration 13:06
Measures 354
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Trombone
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So when are we getting new songs for this
Oh my God someone actually figured it out
song 42 is 4 ply when i cry from spongebob
40 is Toad Force V Quest from Mario Party Advance
Is 40 from Mario Party DS? If not then I have no clue
song 40 seems like star wars... that sad theme (og trilogy)
Is 40 from super Mario rpg Edit: or game and watch Edit 2: or Mario golf or one of the CDI games
42 is Boys Who Cry - 4 Ply, from Spongebob Squarepants, right?
42 is Boys Who Cry - 4 Ply, from Spongebob Squarepants, right?
is 40 from mario and luigi dream team?
Is song 40 from a mario game? I feel like I should know it
Is it like a main game or a spinoff like Party or Kart
Good, cuz I've never played those. Is it Kart?
40 might be a drum loop I heard the same thing in 3-5
Number 40 sounds a bit like the song the saxophones play during down time at a football game. (I know it isn't)
40 is from...Twilight Princess? I feel like I’ve heard it recently and the only other game I’ve played is MHW.
You're gonna need to drop down a few levels of obscurity to get that one
I feel like 40 is from somewhere like Marvel
Finally -- someone with good taste
This is just me but I feel 40 is from an anime.