Meme Compilation - Alto Sax. Solo (V7.0)

Uploaded on Jun 26, 2017

*To Be Continued (Roundabout) [00:00]
*WAKE ME UP INSIDE (Bring Me To Life) [00:24]
*A Cruel Angel's Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion) [00:52]
*And His Name Is JOHN CENA (The Time is Now) [01:18]
*Rickroll (Never Gonna Give You Up) [01:43]
*Nyan Cat [02:04]
*Gamecube Startup [03:03]
*Having A Good Time (Don't Stop Me Now) [03:09]
*Hello Darkness My Old Friend (Sound of Silence) [03:52]
*Sexy Sax Man (Careless Whisper) [04:06]
*All Around Me Are Familiar Faces [05:00]
*Yee [05:36]
*Little Einsteins [05:48]
*Zoopals [06:08]
*To Zanarkand [06:39]
*Epic Sax Guy (Run Away) [06:58]
*Darude: Sandstorm [07:15]
*We Are Number One [7:45]
*Pokemon Go Song [7:52]
*I Am So Happy to Finally Be Back Home (Trololol) [8:08]
*Grand Dad (Flintstones) [8:30]
*Snow Halation [8:59]
*All Star [9:36]
*Running in the 90s [9:57]
*Guile's Theme [10:11]
*September [10:24]
*Keyboard Cat [10:42]
*Thomas the Tank Engine [11:00]
*Shooting Stars [11:28]
*X-Files (Illuminati) [12:09]

Pages 7
Duration 12:33
Measures 322
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 1
Part names Alto Saxophone
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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THIS IS THE BAST SCORE I HAVE ever PLAYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on question what the heck how do you play a b sharp and an e sharp I never heard of that
B#=C and E#=F
It’s the same note just different names for ease of composing
and me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3omhY4ubvcQ&index=2&t=0s&list=LLlcM9RiAX9F5rbXUaU-X5Qw
How are you supposed to play that fast on saxophone?!?!?!?!?!?
I have the sudden urge to learn all of this and randomly play it when I walk into band class....
I transposed this to cello and rick rolled my teacher.
"solo" . someone teach me how i play two notes at once please
It does not mean to play two notes at once, it is different pitches so if you find the higher notes harder to play, you can play the lower ones.
actually its for when you have more than one person. so its actually weird that they call it a solo
You NEED TO ADD BAKER STREET (even though I already know how to play, but to spread the wealth) ;)
That nyan cat tho. It has inspired me.
Whelp iv'e found the meaning of life
thanks for making this now i have friends
these seem difficult and i like a challenge
Truly amazing, I tried to translate it into a Tenor part but that was too much for me since I don't have a pro membership, so could you do that for me?
Thank You in advance.
I printed a few copies of this and trumpet and distributed it to my band... lol
Can I use some of this in a meme medley I'm working on?
thank you ive been looking for this for ages
this is great
thanks so much!!

that's fortissississississississississississississississississississississississississississississimo
you should move keyboard cat down an octave just to make it easier to play
well then it wouldn't really sound like keyboard cat
ok i am printing this out THIS INSTANT and playing it nonstop for 3 hours