Meme Compilation - Trombone Solo (V10.0)

Uploaded on Oct 9, 2016

*To Be Continued (Roundabout) [00:00]
*WAKE ME UP INSIDE (Bring Me To Life) [00:24]
*A Cruel Angel's Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion) [00:52]
*And His Name Is JOHN CENA (The Time is Now) [01:18]
*Rickroll (Never Gonna Give You Up) [01:43]
*Nyan Cat [02:04]
*Gamecube Startup [03:03]
*Having A Good Time (Don't Stop Me Now) [03:09]
*Hello Darkness My Old Friend (Sound of Silence) [03:52]
*Sexy Sax Man (Careless Whisper) [04:06]
*All Around Me Are Familiar Faces [05:00]
*Yee [05:36]
*Little Einsteins [05:48]
*Zoopals [06:08]
*To Zanarkand [06:39]
*Epic Sax Guy (Run Away) [06:58]
*Darude: Sandstorm [07:15]
*We Are Number One [7:45]
*Pokemon Go Song [7:52]
*I Am So Happy to Finally Be Back Home (Trololol) [8:08]
*Grand Dad (Flintstones) [8:30]
*Snow Halation [8:59]
*All Star [9:36]
*Running in the 90s [9:57]
*Guile's Theme [10:11]
*September [10:24]
*Keyboard Cat [10:42]
*Thomas the Tank Engine [11:06]
*Shooting Stars [11:26]
*X-Files (Illuminati) [12:06]
*Sad Violin [12:30]
*Viewer Mail Time [13:33]
*Fireflies [13:53]
*Jurassic Park Theme [14:20] <-10 minutes past a meme
*Windows OS Sounds [14:43]
*Seinfeld Theme [14:53]
*When Mom Isn't Home [15:05]
*Space Jam [15:22]
*Ultimate (I am the One) [15:38]
*Frolic (Curb Your Enthusiasm) [16:14]
*HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA (What's Going On) [17:08]
*It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Theme [18:05]
*Ocean Man [18:22]
*It's the Nutshack [18:51]
*Spiderman 2 Pizza Delivery Theme [18:56]
*Take on Me [19:11]
*V a p o r w a v e (Aesthetic) [19:45]
*Baker Street [20:31]
*Rasputin [20:48]
*What is Love [21:05]
*Seinfeld Theme [21:40]
*Deja Vu [21:53]
*Pumped Up Kicks [22:11]
*Doot [22:20]
*Spooky Scary Skeletons [22:22]
*Deja Vu [22:34]

Memes Trombone

Pages 13
Duration 22:52
Measures 639
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 1
Part names Trombone
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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can you do one of these in V5 because these notes are kinda hard to hit
Hate to break it to you man but those notes on keyboard cat aren't quite possible... Then again the Game Cube Startup is another story... Not to mention Fireflies and take on me
Alternatively: octave down with bass bore two trigger.
I have a peashooter. Also, I've been forced to play above high Bb (3 octaves above normal low Bb) by conductors on a BASS trombone, so I've got practice. Never said how GOOD it sounded though. ;)
DUDE i agree with the fireflies and gamecube but i can play keyboard cat (highest note is a G) ... pretty easy too tbh learned it in 5 minutes
No one gonna mention that Seinfeld and Deja vu are both in there twice? But really tho, this has been extended alot, good job
its not ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff at john cena
I can't find this as a piano version.
Well I just ran through the memes on my trombone. Needs practice, but I'll try to convince my director to let me do this for solo-ensemble contest (spoiler, he won't). I'll try to put it on youtube at some point with actual pictures/videos of the memes on the screen and me doing this under it. When/if I get that up, I'll put a link in there to this feed.
Thanks trombones. Let me just steal this to play on my cello.
This also works on euphonium! Guess we were bored....
No! Gather my comrades, we go to war! Just kidding, I commandeered a cello part recently too
Can anyone else go that fast for darude sandstorm
No but there’s a little trick. I found out by myself.
Did anyone else listen to the whole thing?
who can hit those high notes at fireflies...
because 'deja vu' means the same thing is happening again. which is why they put it twice.
im trying real hard on running in the 90's
Can you make V10 for trumpet as well
@SANSSSSS you can actually change the instrument if you open it in the musescore app. What I did is I added trumpet to the score (I also play trumpet), then copy and paste the trombone in and get rid of the trombone.
I told you not to do an weird stuff over the weekend... -thatoneoboist
measure 418 felt like it should have been sixteenth notes but that's just me
I play trombone, so maybe when I have the time, I'll try this. Pretty nice, though!
I love run away but I didn't know the notes until now thx.
Yes, now I just need to be able to play two tromebones at one time
imma print this and give it to my trombone friend now...then print the trumpet part....
OMFG, this is the best recopilation of my fuc*** life!! Thanks bro, YOU ARE THE BEST!
*drifts past takumi in a cardboard box* Takumi: There is actually no meaning of life now...