Final Boss Battle Theme Original Composition

Uploaded on May 25, 2016

Measures 1-16: Imagine the protagonist facing the main antagonist while he is doing his whole speech that any villain does right before the final battle takes place :P

Measures 17-32: Imagine this section being the final battle

Measure 33-56: Imagine the protagonist being exhausted and ready to give up (where all hope is lost). This is where the protagonist recalls his/her whole journey and the people he/she has met. They become determined to not give up and they get up stronger and more determined than before

Measures 57-?: Battle resumes with protagonist being revitalized

Epic Final Boss Battle video game original composition

Pages 15
Duration 03:11
Measures 102
Key signature 5 sharps
Parts 37
Part names Voice(2), Flute(2), Other Woodwinds(3), Trumpet(2), French Horn(6), Strings(5), Viola(2), Piano(2), Guitar(2), Bass, Percussion(8)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Who else thinks measure 50-52 sounds a bit like hopes and dreams from Undertale?
This is really good but it would be even better if it ended a little less intense, like a lyrical section to leave it off.
I was writing a clarinet solo for this (so I could play it because it's so AMAZING), and I noticed that all of the accidentals from measure 74 to the end could be avoided by changing the key to Db (five flats for a piano). This really helps when someone is trying to play it, so I suggest making this change. btw wonderful job on the piece :)
Might be one of the best themes i've heard
THIS has inspired me. Well done, this is amazing
I literally don't know whether to scream from the pure awesome in this song or cry because Kaiser Beats is already using it for a video game. I think it would work really well with the game I'm making.
By the way, I was wondering- would you like (or be willing to) help compose music for my game? I have a group dedicated to it, and you'd be a welcome addition!
haha thanks! I'm surprised that so many people want to use this for a game!

Ah sorry, I'm going to be really busy with work and prepping for college so I don't think I'll have time to help compose for your game. Perhaps during a break or next year
OK, thanks anyway for the pleasure of listening to this!

I make the tally of "I can't believe I've never seen you before" people a thousand and two, this is awesome!

Not a problem. I actually want to use this someday when I make my own Flash game. But not yet. I've barely got the storyline started.

Either way, this deserves to be in some form of game. I don't know for sure though...

(got distracted, sorry)
That would be really cool xD Good luck with your game!
Heck yeah!

Also, I probably won't use this actual track, but you definitely inspired the Title Screen and Final Battle themes for my game. And I'm definitely linking back to here for that in the end credits. (I can't really use tracks that don't loop well...)

But anyways, amazing track! I could never do this well with the MuseScore 2 program (I can't use it well ;-;), so that just makes it all the better from my perspective!
Could you please tell me what soundfont was used to make this? It doesn't sound like MuseScore's
Oh actually this is all the default soundfont! There are surprisingly some decent sounds~
"I can't believe I haven't seen you before," says a thousand people... I have made it one thousand and one. awesome work, I am thinking of an animation and would love to use it... if I ever make it. again LOVE this, good luck on your... music.. composing adventures... (I never know how to end this...)
Thank you so much ^u^ Wow that would be awesome! Good luck on your... music.. composing adventures as well ;y
It's really really nice
Reminds me a lot of this game called Mabinogi
The only thing I feel like could be better is if the beginning had a bit more minor key to it
Ah! Sorry for the late reply! Thank you ^u^ yeah it could use a bit more variety :v
I really want to animate a final boss battle to go with this though
This is very cool! Very reminiscent of The Grand Finale from Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, which, may be my favorite final boss theme ever, making this an equally amazing song. Give it a listen if you haven't, but either way this amazing!
Thank you so much! I have listened to it before and i love it!
If I make a video game someday, this will be the final battle theme...
That would be so awesome if that happened xD
I dissected this song and found that there is hidden instruments! Who knew?
Yup! I had to hide them to make it somewhat cleaner xD
O_O the amazing Pikabata replied to my comment...
Well yeah. I unhid them and it does look very messy. Also, why didn't you hide the two reverse-cymbals-that-are-called pianos you have at the bottom? or at least rename the pianos as as reverse cymbals? Not that I dislike the piece or anything, though! The music is amazing!
Sorry for the late response xD I was in a hurry to get it done and i must have looked over it.
I want to compose like this!! I'm working in Fl Studio, and this is my goal now! Quick question: can I do a remix? (More of a remaster, but I'll try to make it sound different)
This is probably my favorite composition on musescore!
Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it! ^u^ And sure thing! As long as you credit me :) Please send it to me once it's done!
Hey this song is awesome, and im not so sure if this song is already going to be used, but if anyone hasn't asked, Can i have this song? Because this sounds perfect for the final boss theme for my indie game, Kaiser and the Chaos Clockworks, And the Tubular Bells sound perfect because it fits where its going to faced, the center of the clockworks, aka, the center of the game's world
Ok! We cleared it up, you can use it as long as you credit me
can you send me the info for this game or an occasional update? i'm really interested!
Hey Pika, I made a teaser website telling some minor stuff about the game and as well as for those who want to support the game by becoming a backer of somesort, check it http://flamingleos.wix.com/kaiserclockworks
wow this looks really cool! I can't wait for it to get started ^u^
Yep, also, i decided to show off some effects for the game, here is one i decided to show off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-r4zUw7TqU
Wow this is really cool! Well done! I'm so excited ^.^