Undertale/Litteroot Town/Verdanturf Town Mashup

Uploaded on Jun 21, 2016

Mobile users: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GtXYkheuvg
Comments and suggestions are welcome :)


I arranged this almost completely from memory, meaning that I probably only listened to the OST's about 10% of the time. Because of this, there will be inaccuracies, but I wanted to do this so it would have my own personal touch to it.

I was really surprised that my favorite video game songs sounded good together, so I made this arrangement as soon as I realized it. I had to adjust the chord progressions so the songs would fit better though.

Undertale His Theme Hopes and Dreams Pokemon Littleroot Town Verdanturf Town Asriel Dreemurr Frisk Mashup

Pages 20
Duration 03:31
Measures 88
Key signature 4 sharps
Parts 20
Part names Flute(3), Guitar, Percussion(4), Strings(8), Harp, Piano(2), Sound effects
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Holy Magikrap! Is there any way I can get this on Spotify?
oh i think i did upload it to spotify awhile ago lol
Is it still there? And if so, how would I find it?
oh actually my mistake i had it on a different site lol
Rip. Oh well. Still worth coming here to listen to it. It really is great.
Wow... The work is amazing. Thank you very much for your arangement, it's so beautiful!
I'm glad you liked it so much! Thank you ^^
Was anyone else jabbed in the heart when Littleroot town started playing?? :'D I mean, I knew it was coming, but it was so beautiful :)
gen 3 had some of the most nostalgic music i can remember ;u;
The reason I left it out is because I didn't feel like the rest of it fit with the other songs
Okay. That makes since, as it would be hard to fit in a sixteenth rest where it would be because math. I do think it's really a great piece, though.
Sheesh now that I can listen to it I'm like how can 1 person have done this?
thank the lord for ctrl + c and ctrl + v
ikr? it's always been one of my favorites
I´m not crying,I'm just watering my eyes! It happens to me when I see something precious, sadness or joy :"v
Literally the best 3 songs you could ever put together. This sounds amazing!
Uhhh, my computer won't allow me to listen to it...
If youtube is on restricted mode, it restricts the soundfont video so you can't hit play.
It won't? As in it wont play anything at all? That's strange, but if that's the case, you can go to the youtube link I provided if you'd like and that should work.
Actually it won't let me press the play button or use the spacebar to start it, so basically, yeah. I'm not allowed to go onto Youtube, though...
Oh, i'm sorry ;-; Maybe you should bring this up with the developers if this is only happening to you?
I'll contact one of the developers then and see if this is a reoccurring problem with others. Sorry for the inconvenience
I luv the games and its so familiar to me
*sniff* 😭
I'M NOT CRYING ;-; why did you have to pick these three (two?) songs?!?! It's literally making me tear up ;-;
I picked the three songs that made me cry the most :, )
(sorry for the late response!)