Undertale OST 071 (Transcription) | ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY

Uploaded on Sep 16, 2016

Mobile users: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RIq5Rt9fUQc

I do not own Undertale!!! Undertale belongs to the creator, Toby Fox!

Blooky Drawing: ~ Line art by me :D
~ Shading by Bora Joo (ty bora!)

Albeit a bit late, i made this In celebration of this fantastic game's 1 year anniversary! (9/15) I decided to transcribe my favorite song in the game: Undertale!

Doing this transcription was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be! I had to work extra hard to produce the sounds closest to the original!

Undertale Accurate Transcription Toby Fox ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY Frisk Asriel Toriel Asgore Undyne Alphys Sans Papyrus Chara

Pages 20
Duration 06:16
Measures 160
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 32
Part names Flute(3), Piano, Guitar(2), Bass(3), Tuba, Violin, Strings(9), Percussion(9), Synthesizer(2), Sound effects
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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