Night in the Woods - Longest Night

Uploaded on Mar 18, 2017

"Longest Night" from Infinite Fall's Night in the Woods, composed by Alec Holowka.

You can get the original track from the NITW: Preview Album:

UPDATED (2017-04-05 21:06 EDT):
Reduced from 3 to 2 pages.

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NITW Night in the Woods Longest Night Lost Constellation Piano

Pages 2
Duration 02:41
Measures 54
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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*BAWLS OF SENTIMENTALITY* (cries from nostalgia. same thing.)
Here's the only one I've finished thus far. It's an orchestral arrangement of Underwater Waltz. https://www.noteflight.com/scores/view/383f32dd84ed3b45301d05b8c588f1c359259028
Hello! My name is Grant Stephens and I was wondering how you would feel about me doing some full orchestral arrangements based off of some of your piano arrangements? I just finished Night in the Woods recently and I loved every minute of it and the soundtrack was no exception. Great work on your arrangements! You have a good ear!
Thanks, I'm glad you like them! The soundtrack is easily one of my top favourites as well, which is why I've been making these. Feel free to use my piano arrangements if you'd like! If they help you any way, I wouldn't mind being credited. ;v
You will absolutely receive credit! I work on Noteflight but I will give you a link if you want to see the result.
Hey love the track, was wondering if the songs "shapes" from night in the woods would be possible one day
Absolutely brilliant transcription! Would love to see sheets for Spooky Mansion from the soundtrack if possible, please!
Thank you very much! If you're talking about the ones from the Historical Society, I will definitely be considering them.
I have been searching for good NITW music for the past 3 days and you just HAPPENED to post my FAVORITE SONG from Lost Constellation bless you
Thanks, I'm glad to hear that! This is one of my favourites as well! If you have any suggestions or any songs you'd like to see, please let me know!