Four Poems of Sylvia Plath

For Mixed Duet

Uploaded on Feb 14, 2019

So, after I wrote Hemingway's Eulogy, there was some kind of a one year long creative crisis. It was over, when I for the first time heard Hans Jacobi's, Jan-Willem van Ree's and John Martin's works published here. This cycle is derived from that inspiration, that their music gave me. So, I dedicated this work to the people, who revived my musical workshop.

About poems:

All four poems is taken from Sylvia Plath' last book of poems 'Ariel'. The sequence of poems I used here is not an accidental. 'The Couriers' (break, divorce and lies), 'Contusion' (that is emotional, represents severe depression, in which Sylvia spent the last days of her life - the poem was written 11 days before suicide), 'Edge' (her last work: the thoughts about suicide and the thoughts about her children and motherhood) are directed towards the death. 'Edge' is a tense magnetic center of the set. The mix of harsh and mild dissonants is actually a dizzy odours of the garden and dizzy disposition of semantic layers within the text of the poem. 'Morning Song' is awakening from the nightmare by her baby's cry, finding happiness in her motherhood, but, simultaneously, ambivalence caused by fragility (image of ballons at the end) of purity and beauty that her children is are. New wave of pessimism. The seeming opportunity of a new start is faded. Morning turns out into its homophone word.

Structure of set:

I. The Couriers (to Jan-Willem van Ree) is a set of fragments within global ternary form, just like Eulogy was.
II. Contusion (to Hans Jacobi) is a little subtle piece concentrated on harmonic and canonical imposition.
III. Edge (to John Martin, a.k.a. 21st century boy) is tightly gathered row of images, rounded by main motif.
IV. Morning Song (to Joe DiRienzo, a.k.a. penne vodka) is set of fragments/sonata rondo/theme with variations kind of thing. Main theme rounds many smaller ternary constructions based on it, but not the ending coda, that is outstands from the piece.
Cadenza part was removed from the work, because I already published it as a standalone (that nighty snowflakes thing).

Piano Voice Sylvia Plath Poems Set Art songs Extended tonality Duet Duo Modernism

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