Uploaded on Feb 25, 2017

Q: Do you think i should do Ethereals on the Continent?
A: Nope! Instead, i am going to do more monsters on the Continent! Sorry if your dreams got crushed.

So yes, i am a MSM lover. You probably came here because you wanted to hear a good musescore composition of this song. Let me tell you one thing. I. Don't. Judge. And if you see a monster in capital letters saying "CELEBOX", then you're not seeing things. It's a monster i created via my own imagination to replace a Wubbox being on the continent. This can also be found on my other Dawn of fire songs if you just now decide to look for those.
UPDATE 5/27/17: I FINALLY updated Maw and added Deedge. I think people were bugged by that issue. I was experimenting with an idea of ethereals on the Continent and a Rare Woolabee for MSMPokeGamer's contest. Sorry for not adding them for a millenium.
UPDATE 6/15/17: EDAMIMI! Omg i cannot explain how cute this thing is. She looks like one of those hula dolls you place on your dashboard. More like EdaMEMES! Oh, and this glitch where the first staff is bold, it's KILLING ME!
UPDATE 8/18/17: T-rox! Finally! A monster that lies in the original game making a comeback! Okay, so now you can't blame me for not doing it.

My singing monsters dawn of fire kayna continent ThatHiddenCharacter Okumura2

Pages 21
Duration 05:36
Measures 72
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 59
Part names Synthesizer(7), Percussion(18), Bass, French Horn, Voice(7), Other Woodwinds, Trumpet(2), Guitar(3), Harmonica(2), Trombone, Bassoon, Piano, Recorder, Brass Ensemble(4), Clarinet, Alto Saxophone(2), Oboe, Timpani, Harp, Soprano Saxophone, Cello, Tuba
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License None (All rights reserved)
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