Cuphead: Clip Joint Calamity

Uploaded on Oct 20, 2017


This is madness! I'm so happy that i have reached this accomplishment, thank you for the every ounce of support i have gotten!

And, It's finally finished!

Listen, ever since Cuphead has been released, i fell in love with the soundtrack! It has one unique feature to it, and that's how the music was recorded from a big band. So jazz-loving me decided i should do a song from Cuphead. Floral Fury has already been taken, which isn't surprising to me because it's easy to transcribe. No, i chose the fight between Ribby & Croaks, Clip Joint Calamity. I saw my brother get stuck with it because of bad luck (you know, tigers & bulls, not frogs). So i sort of got it stuck in my head due to it's catchiness. And this was the way i could release it. I really hope you like it! Make sure to favorite the score, along with feedback!
Also, i hate NPT music. They make unreliable scores.
And credit to the guy who made the Motu Patlu cuphead meme!

UPDATED 2/8/18
UPDATED 7/1/18
UPDATED 7/8/18

Cuphead Ribby Croaks Mugman Devil king dice 30s devil

Pages 25
Duration 03:45
Measures 192
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 14
Part names Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet(3), Trombone(2), Piano, Bass, Percussion(3)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Download the score, then click on the picture, and hit delete on it.
Oh, that was before we settled things out. ill remove it
I mean it's kinda deserved but thank you
One Word to Perfectly describe this, SWINGIN’
Never thought about that until just now...
Sorry to rain on your parade a bit.. but I think the tempo is 205 rather than 209. Again, as you may know from earlier, I tend to sync up transpositions with the actual song.
Just played this for my spring concert (monadoboy’s group). Thank you again for the great arrangement!
Can I please have a thorough explanation as to how to remove the images from the parts, I'm trying to play along with the alto sax part and the pdf download has about half the music covered. I saw earlier messages about importing the mscz file into musescore, I've tried that to no success, so any explanation would be helpful.
Well, download the score via mscz file, then click on the picture, and press ctrl+x. Then view the parts. If that doesnt work, then join my discord and i will DM it to you with no picture.
May I have the link to your discord? And thanks for such a quick response!
Between bars 28 and 29, realistically, a trumpet player would not have time to put a mute in, in the time of 1.5 counts. Especially if it's a cup mute AND plunger.
I know it wouldn't make sense in real time, but Canterbury Music recorded the solos separately from the background stuff. So They may have recorded 25-28 first, took a little break to get the next solo ready, then recorded 29-32. Its technology that created this. Nothing is happening at the same time. But i suppose since this was made for people playing the song, i guess i can switch the trumpets.
This is fantastic! Can I use this arrangement in a recording?
Yeah, absolutely! That's what this score was meant to do. Help people who want to play this! Thanks for asking!
Slurs are a way of saying, "Hey. You're going somewhere. But only tongue that first note."
You place a mute inside the bell. This also goes for all brass instruments.
Thanks, but I think your music is too difficult for me to play. I mean, it's good, but infinitely hard for me.
What mute was used for the second trumpet at measure 29?
I can't exactly tell, but i think it's a cup mute mixed with a plunger.
Hey how cam i contact you privately? I wanna give you credit for the transcription plus to send you the audio when it comes. Email me at carlosaguilar0731@gmail.com
Hey, my music teacher was wonderin' if we can use this? As in print and put in the library for future use. And yes, I got her permission. Also we might (and hope) be doing this in a future concert.
Nice job on getting 4000 views! The only mistake I see is that there should be brass backgrounds at 149.
Yeah, i was just planning on updating it. I got the instrumentation wrong.
Eww anime (edit) 6th grade me saying anime sucks when i basically live by anime now :( (7/8/2018)
Would it be okay if this was added to our school jazz band's library for future performances? Our instructor is also interested. I will ask this at other songs that we are looking at; they are just so cool and accurate! Thank you for arranging Cuphead songs in the first place, even if you don't say yes. I know how hard and time-consuming it is to make something of this quality. This is probably what we would be most able to play from the selection here on Musescore.
It is pretty good that you arranged this, but there is a missing part or two.
Nope. This is the proper instrumentation.
Hey is it ok if I use this score to perform this for my Spring Concert at school?
Absolutely! Are you sure you got your band directors permission?