Threatenin' Zeppelin WIP

Uploaded on Nov 21, 2017

Disclaimer: This is not, i repeat, NOT mine. This is made by 2 pts. Go and check him out.
But i'd be very much be willing to help. I did add a clarinet solo and the Trombone solo.
Hope you like his arrangement!

UPDATED 11/24/17
UPDATED 1/1/18
UPDATED 1/17/18
UPDATED 1/19/18
UPDATED 11/2/18

Threatenin Zeppelin Hilda Berg Cuphead Devil King Dice 2pts

Pages 28
Duration 03:23
Measures 220
Key signature 4 flats
Parts 13
Part names Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet(3), Trombone(2), Percussion(2), Piano, Bass
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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As a clarinet player as well as a sax player, I tip my hat off to you who put the solo on sheet music and whoever is the one that played that clarinet. It can be hard to play clarinet at times especially on a piece like this.
Im not kidding you this when i say the actual soloist's name is John Johnson. I found it in the credits.
Well he can really play then! If our middle school had him in our band! (wonder if my teacher knows him... he is in touch with a lot of big time jazz musicians, his son becoming an upcoming jazz star.)
i always loved that vibe solo. So freaking good!
You ready for the most nitpickiest nit-pick of all time? Here, in measure 85 and 86, the first G and B on the clarinet part should be an F# and A, respectfully. *GASP* WHAT A TERRIBLE MISTAKE! Fantastic score, dude.
Well, i think You'd have to tell that to 2 pts. This isn't my score, after all.
I can, but didn't you add the clarinet solo?
Funny story. I did, but 2 pts finished it already, and his versions always had his clarinet solo, almost like he was rejecting mine, so after the near finished version i succumbed to it. And the newest one is his solo.
*shocked* I KNOW, THE HORROR?? Feel free to say more nitpicks though :> (Although, idk what you were referencing when you said m86; I only spotted errors in m85 and 86 doesn't have a G or B at all) And about the rejection, the newer one is actually a combination of both <_< (I think you even shortened the last note but that's ok). I didn't agree with some parts, but I implemented other things. But anyways, feel free to edit it since you're hosting the file. I'd send a file but since this is such a small fix and I didn't add anything else, it wouldn't be worth it. If someone else says something then you can edit it too, but preferably tell me where so I can look at it too. If I catch something else or don't agree with it altogether then I'll likely modify it
Yeah, I don't know what i was smoking when I said 86
Hey. When I was trying to download the entire score and its parts, the deviantart was covering up half of the clarinet part. Could you fix that possibly? Thanks
Well, you can manually fix it by downloading the mscz file and taking the picture off.
Love the piece and the game. Have you guys ever thought of making the in-game scores for the same songs.
Yeah. Here's the link: https://musescore.com/dj_sikbeatz108/scores/4866998. I am still working on it, and there will be a huge update coming soon.
Just checked the link. Not bad. Not bad at all.
Do you want to know which ones are going to appear?
Sure! If there's anything that I can do to make the process go a bit faster?
Well, do you think you can achieve an in-game solo transcription?
I could try! If there is any trombone or any low brass part, I could try and handle that
Could the plunger solo in Ruse of an Ooze work? Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oy8orYRK0jI&t=172s
Is this still a WIP? It seems finished
No, not just yet. There still needs to be a bass part.
That clarinet solo is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! It's so stupid that clarinets can't join jazz band at our school. And now I'm seeing versions of Cuphead songs on this website without clarinets in them (when the original did). Why does everyone hate jazz clarinet??? Rant aside, great arrangement!
I can please, PLEASE, know when this is done. Me and a bunch of my friends are planning to do some jazz for battle of the bands and we want to do a cuphead somg and everyone likes this one.
I'll try to get it done by the weekend then. If you do play it then I'd love to hear a recording!
I finished it up kinda. I added a couple things.
I am not the original transcriber for this, but i can get the original transcriber (2 pts) to finish this up.
Would it be okay if this was added to our school jazz band's library for future performances once it's done? Our instructor is also interested. I will ask this at other songs that we are looking at; they are just so cool and accurate! Thank you for arranging Cuphead songs in the first place, even if you don't say yes. I know how hard and time-consuming it is to make something of this quality.
That's why I do it in the first place, so go ahead :3 And thanks! Also, if your instructor is planning on using it then I definitely won't mind if he'll proofread it or at least see if the notes make sense
In my opinion the hardest boss in cuphead and I completed the devil and some of the expert stages.
This battle on expert is absolute hell to S-rank besides Djimmi and Wally.
trumpet but if its easier on you put them in concert pitch, I can transpose
Oh. Okay. I'll have lead sheet up when i have time. Thanks, dude!
Personally I don't know chords that well so I'd likely get some wrong. If @realrandynewman won't add some, then I can possibly get someone else to look at it
No, I will. I have experience with chords being a piano player myself.
No. I'll ask 2 pts if he'll add them, and if not, i probably will.
Maybe if I had friends that played the clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, bari sax, four trumpets, 4 trombones, whatever vibes are, piano, bass drums and drums. Too bad I have no friends.