Uploaded on Jul 7, 2018

Gosh, I don't even know how to start this... xD
I know I got a whole bunch from the user recommendation pages for new users with empty dashboards (which the devs took out because some others and I wanted to be followed for our music, and not our activity on the site). So I reached 500 a lot earlier than I'd anticipated (this piece was originally supposed to be my 400 follower special). But regardless...

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!! :DDD It's fantastic knowing there are so many of you who enjoy my music enough to click that "follow" button :DDDDDDDDD
Here's the youtube link to the piece for mobile users: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtDXgQ5LpAE&feature=youtu.be

And for a lot of you who took the time to write lengthy comments filled with constructive feedback...thanks so much...you guys are amazing and helped motivate me to improve. And those of you who decided to let me know I inspired you or my music touched you in any way: you guys couldn't see my reaction since I live hundreds/thousands of kilometers, if not halfway around the world from you. But those comments/emails made my day. It's awesome to open one of your emails or read one of your comments after a long stressful day...it just makes it a lot more bearable :D
Even those of you who don't comment that often - I still appreciate you very much, thank you for listening to my music :D

Here are some people I'd really like to give a HUGE shoutout to:

mnmwert - He was my 25th ever follower on this site, and has commented and given constructive feedback on almost every single one of my compositions since then. He is an amazing composer, and is also a great friend to chat with in RSA (Randomly Screwing Around, one of my groups on musescore)

Cl4rin3t - She was my 39th ever follower on this site, and has also commented on most of my pieces here. She is an amazing friend, having supported me all this way, and even defended me against someone who was trying to insult me on one of my scores (while I decided to stay out of the argument... :/). She is primarily an arranger, though she is starting out with composition (but is already really good).

Celthyan - He was originally my 31st follower (though he unfollowed and refollowed for a joke that I started and became follower #109). He is a FANTASTIC composer; I kid you not he's one of, if not THE best composer on the entire site. He's been very encouraging, having commented on most of my pieces, and is also really fun to chat with. :D

Miscellaneous02 - She has also commented on many of my pieces, and is always one of the early commenters!! She also has synesthesia, and never hesitates to make that part of her show in her music :D

Kenobiingondolin2019 - She has also given me a lot of encouragement, and I always look forward to her comments on each of my pieces!! She's great to chat with in RSA, and kept my time on musescore during spring and summer break much more interesting and fun than it otherwise would have been :D

lizzapie - Like the ones I've already mentioned, she comments very frequently, and always encouraging. She is an excellent person to chat with in RSA (we discovered we're both have INFP personalities...and a whole lot more in common). She is an absolutely AMAZING composer as well :D

Lareinedeslapins - I thought her name was "lareine" until I learned that her name was Fia and then actually figured out her username...xD (fyi "lareinedeslapins" is "the queen of rabbits" in French). But anyways, I really appreciate all her encouraging comments on my pieces; that one she put on Shine Through made me so happy...(thanks Fia!!). She is a really good singer (I checked out her youtube channel) and composer. She writes for mainly choir.

Big Pig - He has commented on many of my pieces, and I really appreciate that. He has a great sense of humour, which is often displayed in conversations in RSA. He is a VERY frequent uploader, somehow having created over 110 scores after only a year on musescore.

SubparTrombonist - He has been very encouraging for the past half year, always commenting on many of my pieces. He was one of the earliest members of RSA, and it has been great seeing him active in the group. He has a great sense of humour, and on top of that he has also taken IB and is the same age as me, which makes him really nice to chat with (Payton, you need to be more active in RSA xDD). His preferred genre of music is Jazz.

And more shoutouts cause musescore doesn't allow descriptions longer than 5000 characters...https://imgur.com/a/KwIhKX1

Hope you enjoy the piece as well :DDDDDDDDDDDD
The soundfont is the HQ Orchestral soundfont (thanks Cl4rin3t for directing me to it) and the picture is from desktopnexus.com (thanks Celthyan for showing that site to me)

Rebecca Y 500 followers 400 followers piano piano solo solo piano crystal rose crystal rose blue pink

Pages 10
Duration 04:40
Measures 140
Key signature 4 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Beautiful! Peaceful, relaxing, and gives me a clear picture of serene moments, like all of your music! Thanks sooooooooo much for creating great music!
I'm glad you enjoyed!! :D And thank you, too, for listening to my scores and commenting on them :D
Wow, you really do have an interesting style. Great job with the chords! I love all the pieces I’ve heard from you!
I don't know how these composers do it... they somehow create a wonderful world full of music when they compose that an average person like me just couldn't understand. I'm getting goosebumps from listening from this. Rebecca, I seriously don't understand how you manage to write these, beautiful, rich tapestries of music. Great great great job. It's incredibly inspiring, and hey, would you look at this, I'm actually WRITING about something. And ahhh, it feels good to listen to this and write to you.
Aww, thanks so much!! Comments like this mean a lot and just make my day ^-^ I'm so glad you enjoyed :D
I am happy to be reminded of this piece again, I bet I already commented on this piece a couple of months back when it had like 100-200 views-ish because I clearly remember checking it out. Anyways, I appreciate this kind of music that just is sweet. I always tend to make all of my pieces go into a dark and agitated mood... Meh, oh well...
Thanks!! I'm glad you enjoyed this and gave it a revisit :D Btw I'm the opposite...I can't write dark music or sad music for the life of me :P
I love this so much :') especially the part that starts at measure 33! You have an amazing talent. Keep up the good work!
Thanks so much, Hannah! :D (sorry for the late reply :P)
I can't even begin to describe the beauty of this piece!!!! The way you merge never-comprehendible theory with your imagination and talent in this piece really came through and I JUST ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. It really gave me inspiration to go and do something crazy- like compose for a full orchestra of something (which I can't even think to do!!!). I'm looking forward to everything you do next and thank you for this composition!!!
Wow, thanks so much!! ^-^ It means a lot to have inspired you like that :D And never be afraid to try something crazy! You might just make something amazing :D
Oh wow I love your work, wish I'd be as talented as you are! :)
Well, actually, I live miles away from you...
Mind if I download this piece for my personal use?
Oooo are you also from BC? (or Washington/Alberta...?) Or maybe you're stressing that miles should be used instead of km (in that case you're probably American...but ahem...that's wrong...km is soooo much easier *flips hair* xD). ANYWAY, sure, feel free to download! :D As long it's for personal use only
Thanks! (I'm in America. And miles are easier to understand... (not really))
I know right, my mind, for some reason works in metric even though I'm American. It IS easier to use!
Beautiful piece! I am actually a new follower but so pretty! You have talent!
your music is incredibly melodic; no wonder they're so loved! congrats on 600! :]
Happy 600 (and 24) followers!!! Special coming soon?? :D
Yay thanks!! I'm actually not gonna do a 600 follower special - instead I'm gonna wait until 750 (and then 1000) to do a special. It's cause I don't like how the time it takes me to finish at most two serious compositions is around here same time it takes me to get 100 followers. And my follower specials are always my more serious compositions, so it seems like I'm composing for the followers (which I'm not). And I don't wanna force myself to work faster (I like to take my time with each project and am usually working on several at once). So I'm gonna space out my follower specials. But I'm still gonna upload a piece very soon, though. I'm really excited to share this one :D
Thanks haha :D (btw you commented on this with your other account twice xD) But thanks so much anyway :D
Hello. A nice melody and piece put together well, good job. I also liked it when in late bars 40 it started to heat up some. That was a great build up and everything flowed to a strong finish. A good composition that has a strong melody and harmony.
You have a beautiful way of tying together those arpeggios and scale runs into such elegant melodies. This is simply gorgeous.