3 Note Song (Rant on Modern Pop)|Vocaloid Remix in Description

Uploaded on Aug 20, 2017

Note: This song is meant to be humorous and satirical. I have no intention to attack/offend anyone. I hope you get a good laugh out of it, whether you're a pop fan or not :DD

So I've already posted this in several discussions now. Pop songs are generally getting worse. Melodic ranges are narrowing down, and the lyrics are often about inappropriate things. What I really hate is that now, many pop artists are using three note melodies (literally, they just use scale degrees 1, 2, and 3). I tried writing one myself, and the whole melody took under five minutes to compose.

Don't get me wrong. There are SOME good pop songs out there. There are some pop songs out there that are inspiring, meaningful, and very well written. I just wish that the rest could be more like that. Sadly, these songs are becoming rarer and rarer.

So join the Music Revolution!!!! Here's the link

Recently (June 2018), Baromeus (https://musescore.com/user/18701406) put together an amazing vocaloid remix and now it sounds a lot more like a pop song:
He is still updating it, so stay tuned for the finished version!!

pop songs suck Rebecca Y pop song pathetic 3 notes composer's block vocaloid piano 4 chords original composition bad music song funny humour satire rant

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Duration 03:14
Measures 65
Key signature natural
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This song is amazing for it's lyrics, not the actual melody.
Wow, thanks for your honesty xD. I agree with you, though :P
3 notes is a lot of variety for pop music.
pop music fans might not understand it
considering that Rebecca is a pop music fan... she understands it... 🤔
I am not a pop fan xD or at least I don't consider myself as one :P I don't hate pop as a genre - as in there are plenty of pop songs I like...but I don't like the vast majority of the new releases these days xD
I don't like the idea of singing in general
A little too complex for pop music though.
Not to be triggering, but I personally think that this is the best satire piece out there. The accuracy of this is one to laugh at. As a classical composer myself, I am definitely sympathizing with this frustration.
Thank you!! :D I'm so glad you think that :DD
can I use the music and rewrite some different lyrics?
Yes, but under the following conditions: a) you must explicitly credit me as the composer b) you must never use the piece for commercial purposes, and c) if anyone else wants to use the music for any purposes other than personal enjoyment, you must contact me or have them contact me. Thanks!! :D
This had me laughing hard. This song is pretty good, kudos
Very humorous lyrics with a pattern of C-A-F-G. Were the lyrics how you felt when composing this?
Thanks! Yeah, sorta - they're kinda how I feel about all those pop songs out there that have trashy melodies that sound like someone came up with them in under 5 seconds xD
This is great. Sorry if i'm commenting on everything a little late, I just discovered this website.
Thank you!! :D And there's no such thing as late comments - anyone can view/comment on anything at any time :D
I can't tell that this is only 3 notes and 4 chords when just listening to it! You really are amazing. How did you do this?
Thanks!! I just picked the chord progression and notes beforehand, and then improvised this song using them :)
I think I just got me a new party piece!
I'm working on my own pop song rant, so stay tuned for it! I think you'll get a good laugh out of it! Edit : finished it!
Yay!! I'm checking it out right now :D
aw ;-; . idk...I don't think I'm doing much harm with this score, and people think it's funny, so I think I'm gonna keep it up. I did explicitly say though that this isn't meant to offend anyone, and even pop fans have commented below that they found this funny :P
It even gave me a couple ideas to start a series on my profile where I parody a wide range of genres. well done!