Journey through Music|100 FOLLOWER SPECIAL

Uploaded on Sep 3, 2017


A little over a year ago, I was JUST able to convince my parents to let me continue piano by attempting to make some short pieces (so I never even expected to be on musescore). Now I'm on here, composing on a regular basis with the support of 100 of you, and I'm MIND BLOWN :DDDDDD

And shout out to Celthyan for the amazing soundfont! It's great when the piano sound isn't so tinny :DDD. Anyway here's the link to his profile: https://musescore.com/user/2544941

I hope you enjoy this piece. It's probably my best one yet :D I've experimented a bit more with theory, and I've used dissonance for the first time (*gasp* REBECCA Y HAS USED DISSONANCE). If I've used any chord incorrectly or have broken a theory rule, feel free to let me know (I'm still learning so I'm not the best with theory)
Also, I know absolutely nothing about alto flute or cello, so if you're familiar with these instruments, feel free to give some pointers.

Update June 2018: Benjamin Coates ( https://musescore.com/user/164168 ) has made a version for cornet and euphonium in the places of flute and cello. The parts are identical to the flute/cello parts, so there's an option for you if you play one of those instruments and want to play this piece:

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Pages 11
Duration 06:03
Measures 227
Key signature 2 sharps
Parts 3
Part names Flute, Cello, Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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I know it's been forever since this piece was posted. but on the last notes, it feels like theres to much umph, if you get what I'm saying. Now that could just be me, I dunno.
Oooo, I think I get it. I guess a quieter ending would've suited it as well :D (lol this response is so late :P)
Late responce for a late comment. Seems fitting.
This also sounds really good at 150%
You are a great composer. You have a great career ahead of you. Beautiful!!!
It is very beautiful, but have you tested it for real with alto flute and cello? It is written in a very low gamut (i dont know if this is the right word:)), and I believe that the alto flute will not be enough loud. Do please continue to keep up your good work, but remenber to get someone to play your compositions once in while, so you learn how the instruments sounds also. (Also, alto flute is very uncommon (at least here in Sweden). If you use the "normal" flute, a lot more people could play your music.)
Best wishes!
Thank you!! No, I haven't tried with alto flute and cello (though I have played it with two normal flutes and clarinet). Alto flute is pretty uncommon over where I am as well (though I do know someone that plays it), but the range of the normal flute doesn't fit the melodic range of this piece (I had to modify the parts for the instruments above when we played it).
Hey, Rebecca! Is this the song you wanted an orchestration for?
No, it was Shine Through, my 300 follower special :)
But if you wanna do this or Shine Through I'm totally fine with it :DDD
Just that shine through's kinda had 4 orchestration requests unrelated to the discussion........ :P
Thanks btw :D
Oh, okay! Are you sure you’d like this orchestrated? If you don’t want that I don’t want to upset you. Orchestrating pieces like this usually help me come out of composers block so it may help me right now XD
Sure, go ahead!! :D
I know it's in good hands :P
(just remember to credit, not use for commercial purposes, and let me know if someone else wants to use your orchestration)
yesterday: 100 followers.
today: 999999999999999999999999999999 followers.
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay congrats on how quickly your gaining followers supporters and awesomeness on musescore
8 months ago: 100 followers. today: 361 followers. You're just slightly off xD
Thanks so much though :DDDDDDDDDDDD
it all sounds so realistic, but measure 55 and the one or two others like it sound obvously synthetic, but apart from that, i would not be able to identify between reality and synths. 11/10
Idk...I didn't use any synths...it's just piano, alto flute, and cello.
Thanks btw. :D
i know, i just mean its sound is obviously not a real piano, hence a synthetic piano. or i may be wrong, idk
im sooo happy i went to the link on youtube, it would not play it just had an exclamation mark im soo happy it got shut down HARD 9999/10
Yep, they did! I was soooooo salty that day though. Thank god they got terminated. According to them, there was only one thief in a group of 3 composers (and this one person managed to sneak stolen pieces under the noses of the other two). It's getting sorted out now......we'll see what happens. Hopefully they're telling the truth.
What soundfont is this? I only want to know cuz its amazing ;D
The soundfont was made by Celthyan :)
hey someone stole your song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gziin2H0r_8
some of us have a discussion, just want to let you know https://musescore.com/groups/musescore-composers/discuss/4982948#comments
also i urge you to report him for copyright infringement, he has been stealing other peoples works as well
Thanks so much for informing me.
I've reported him.
Wow, that's a lot of followers. But you totally deserve it. You're amazing. This is great! But maybe in the part towards the end you should change keys instead or using so many accidentals. Makes it easier to read. Or maybe that wouldn't work, no idea. :)
Thank you!!
Ya, it'll probably work better. I just put accidentals because for my harmony homework/exams they prefer it if you don't change the key signature.......I just changed the key sig at the end because I was just absolutely too lazy to put all those natural signs there lol. But if I get around to it I'll probably fix it.
I hate having to drag all the naturals on there too. lol It's okay if you don't feel like changing it, no big deal. :)
Oh, ok. You don't have to drag the natural signs. You can just press the down/up key to lower/raise a note by a semitone :)
Marvelous piece! Who would have thought that 3 months later you'll be gaining an extra 100 followers! I wish I had found you a lot sooner, this piece transported me to a whole new world with just 3 instruments! I'll be keeping a watchful eye on you! Congrats on gaining 200 followers :)
Thank you so much!!
That means a lot :D
Hello and congrats for your 100 followers! Many would benefit from a good knowledge of harmony, but don't worry about mistakes: everyone makes mistakes, at all levels LOL
Your piece is nice, I like it especially when it modulates, around bar 150.
My advice: if you ever were to give this score to be played by real musicians (and I hope you will! it's a huge satisfaction!), make sure you tell them HOW they have to play. The "what" is relatively questionable, but there are but a few dynamics, legatos and so on. Put yourself into the musicians' shoes, you'll be surprised ;)
All the best! :D
Thank you!!
I agree with you. It's just that I'm not that strong with harmony so I just wanna make sure I did everything right :D
I now have 200 followers :DDDDD
You said to tell you if you used any chord 'incorrectly' or broke any music theory 'rules'....
You don't always have to follow the rules! Don't completely ignore them, but never throw away an idea you think sounds good because it doesn't conform ^^
Anyway, really like the piece, it has really beautiful flowing parts in the piano and the soundfont makes it 10 times better. Soon you'll have a lot more followers (I was #200!), I'm sure of it ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ