The Marriage of the Urks

Uploaded on Sep 8, 2016

I love science fiction novels and movies. Especially ones where the writer explores different cultures and environments. I wrote the lyrics for this song several months ago, but wondered what sort of music would fit. I was playing around with drum rhythms and felt this beat was what I was looking for.

Deep in the ironwood forests
Where the razorfangs do roam
Was a tribe of Urkish nomads
Living in their summer home

They had came from the steps of Avaar
Cross the deserts of Rajtoon
To be in that exact time and place
To await the solstice moon

They polished up their feast drums
Made from finest Tusker hide
And they gathered jinka berries
From the slopes less sunny side

The children hunted leapers
Splashing in the silver streams
With their sticks made from the golden root
They played their warrior dreams

In the heat of the afternoon
Some rested in the cool shade
Under the leaves of the moonleaf trees
in who's branches tweeters played

And when the moon shone bright and clear
They all danced throughout the night
They drank fermented lukka juice
They danced till morning's light

And thus as it was in the days of old
Each girl chose an Urkish man
To be his bride for just one year
To expand the Urkish clan

Perritt Drums Lyrics

Pages 19
Duration 03:52
Measures 59
Key signature natural
Parts 9
Part names Other Woodwinds(2), Voice, Cello, Timpani, Percussion(4)
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