Adagio For String Orchestra | UltraHQ Audio!!

Uploaded on Jan 11, 2018

Link to youtube video (also in sources) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcDU7k9-zQQ&feature=youtu.be

(there would be things that would be played in real life like the decrescendo at the first repeat that aren't played in the Audio given :D)

And original composition, with some help from my big bro with some technical stuff :D (https://musescore.com/elliot-butler)

I will eventually be adding a B theme in there to make it a better rounded piece as a whole, but this is what I have so far at least :D

Robin Butler 2018 600 followers!! CHUCK NORRIS IS BEHIND YOU WATCH OUT..... original composition DON'T CLICK THIS TAG!!!!

Pages 2
Duration 01:55
Measures 11
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 5
Part names Strings(4), Contrabass
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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GO HERE for updated version - https://musescore.com/robin_m_butler/adagio---a-silent-tear--orchestrated
Great piece! i have a new account if you want to see more of my compositions take a look here and it will be pleasent if you deside follow me thank you very much!
Thank you! I have a full Orchestra version of this that is longer with more stuff in it up on here as well, sometime I might transcribe the longer version into the string version, but we'll see lol :D
You say, since your Polka orchestration challenge was such a hit and you say you have trouble coming up with more material, why don't you host a competition to have people do your bidding and continue the piece?
This is a higher quality piece with more thought and time put into it then the polka, so I want this to be completely original when all said and done :)
I look forward to seeing and hearing how you develop this. (An interesting dissonance at the beginning of bar 4.)
I hope I can come up with more material lol this isn't a style that I write in often, so It will be a little bit of a challenge, but we'll see I guess :D
I like this adagio with is sticking to the title :)
Very nice piece! I was wondering how you're able to get your soundfont playback when uploading to the Musescore website. When I try uploading scores with custom soundfonts they end up playing with different sounds than intended. Any ideas?
What I do is upload a videoscore onto youtube with my soundfonts, and add it as an audio source. Sadly non pro users can't set it as default :( but if you say it's in the audio sources, people usually switch to it. :D I hope that answers your question :D
This piece is very lovely and emotional! I just wished it was a taaaad bit longer. My ears wanted more :> And alsoooo.... I hope this isnt too much https://clyp.it/ttcmz4h5 :D
Thank you so much! :D I like the way it ends in that one :D (btw this isn't the most recent version, but I haven't updated it here yet :D)
https://discord.gg/cya5R3 You may join our discord of composers! Feel free to.
it only is a better transition through the repeat, but I do want to add a B theme though still :D
wow this is so emotional, i feel moved D;
Hello, I was curious if it would be okay if I were to use the motif of the first measure in my piece for strings. I can assure you that past that there would be no copying and all my themes would be original. I know you have all rights reserved, but it is simply a motif and if you insist on credit for it we can work what level of credit you deserve.
sure, I can't copyright 1 measure of a piece lol ;P
Ok, haha Thanks! I could send it to you when I complete it.
I suppose I should have specified the chord with descending bass note is what I am referring to.
It's a VST soundfont called Edirol Orchestral (used in FL Studio) as well as the SF2 General Users soundfont (used in Musescore) layered. The VST one is out of production
right click on the Title (blue dashed) box, and then add picture :) you can resize the photo by double clicking it once loaded into musescore
This is really a fantastic Adagio! I rarely favorite stuff on Musescore, but this is one of the best pieces I've heard in the last few months on this site. Simple yet sublime!
Great job! I look forward to the next theme.
Very nicely done! Looking forward to the next theme. What soundfont are you using by the way? It sounds good.
Thanks! :D and I explained the soundfont thing a couple comments down :)
Splendid! Looking forward to the B theme!
It's a VST soundfont called Edirol Orchestral (used in FL Studio) as well as the SF2 General Users soundfont (used in Musescore) layered. The VST one is out of production
This really good, it sort of reminds me of Elegy for Rem from Re Zero. I think it really shows how good you are at creating original pieces.
Very, Beautiful :') Tell me if you add a B theme, I'd love to hear it :) I really enjoyed this, and I'm glad your brother is helping you!!! This sounded very, chamber like, and was much different than your usual styling. Just noticed ole Chuck back XD Congrats again on 600 followers. :)
Thank you Steven! :D I will make sure you know when I do :D Yeah! I wanted to limit myself to a smaller ensemble this time and it's been fun :D Hahaha one just can't ignore the presence of Chuck lol XD

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