*NEW* - Intermezzo "Summer Rain" - EXTENDED VERSION | UltraHQ Audio

For String Orchestra

Uploaded on Jun 9, 2018

Hey everyone! I decided to try to extend this, so let me know how the new stuff sounds to you, thanks! :D

I really poured my emotions into this one, so hopefully you can feel the emotion in it :)

Strings Slow Peaceful Chamber

Pages 5
Duration 03:32
Measures 53
Key signature 5 flats
Parts 10
Part names Strings(10)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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This is so beautiful... Magnificent... I am totally amazed from how perfect it sounds! Maybe, I could transcript it to piano?..
Thank you! I can't see this piece working for piano with how long the passages are, but I suppose you could (:
Here, it is the second piece in my transcriptions series https://musescore.com/orvaitzmangolan/transcriptions
Fabulously beauitful! I didn't want it to end.
not usually a fan of chamber music, but i follow eddie van halen's advice, "if it sounds good, it is good", and this sounds good to me. i think the thunder actually fits quite well (particularly at measure 13, where the viola suddenly changes the chord right as the thunder arrives). nice work!
Ah, so beautiful! I love it! :D At the key change I could imagine a piano and oboe coming in to add even more emotion :)
I love listening to this song. The "thunder sounds" are interesting, I was wondering how you made those?
Thanks! I found a free sxf clip of rain and the thunder was just part of the sound effect :D
Gustav Mahler may have been envious. Very nice.
So peaceful! yet sad... I really like this! Did you preform it just get a really good soundfont? On thing I especially like about this piece is that you can hardly tell that there even is a time signature! It's so fluent! :D
Thank you so much! it's just a few soundfont layered to get a deeper range of tones like that of a real string section :D
Oh, Wow that's actually a cool idea! I'd never thought of that before! :D
It really did! I thought you'd actually had it played by professionals! :D
profile bio.... wait, what did you mean? lol ;P
him and I have the same-ish profile pic
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THAT SFX! also excited for the extension!
I kinda know what you're doin' here: Dramatic! Phrasing! Expression! I'd have to name it. Thank you!
I really liked this :) I think what you have now is just right to what it should be. I mean I read you think you could go further. And you could, there is always possibilities in music. But, they always come at a cost. I don't try personally to ask the what ifs, or I would get stuck. I like to move on to bigger and better things. As to not get stuck on one or a few works. To me it's not about perfecting. There is no such thing as perfection and there never will be. This work is very emotional, and lovely.
Thank you Steven! I might not actually ever get good material to make this piece better, so if I can't find ways of deepening its roots, it will stay the same as it is :D
It is a beautiful piece. It still has 'extra miles' if you broaden your vision - it could be something approaching Vaughan-Williams. (Even though you have the title, I don't think the thunderclaps add anything - they tend to spoil it (in my view).) I tried out the sound with NotePerformer 3.0.0. Apart from an annoying, subtle 'pulse' that seemed to emanate (mainly) from the violas, it worked quite well (the score's converted to Sibelius using MusicXML) - I note that the pulse is in your sound, as well. If you'd like to hear it, let me know - send an email and I can return an MP3.
Thank you, I do hope to expand and deepen it even further. and yes, the thunder is a little annoying, I just couldn't find rain only sfx the length I needed. But I can do a version without sfx too. and I would love to hear it, so I can send you an email through musescore so you can get my email :)
Though, on one level, I can agree with Steven ("Mozart_Forever"), my thoughts are more in line with "expand and deepen", i.e. development, maybe in the vein of "The Lark Ascending". Though few achieve it and most composers want to change things as soon as they finish the score and might be best advised not to, I have no doubt that every musician strives for perfection. (I am nearly always dissatisfied with my own scores.)
Whoa, it's amazing (as every your score :)). By the way, which soundfont are you using for the strings? They are just amazing - in my musescore they sound just awful
Thank you! well from B to the end is a layering of the General User "Slow Strings" and the Orchestral Soundfont 2 Combo "strings" (and of course the solo cello from general user). you can get pretty good string section sounds from mixing string soundfonts, it gives them a more dynamic feel :D
Ahhhh I love it even more!!! (and the cello solo is so good :D) Well done on creating the perfect ending :')
Thank you Spencer!! I wish I had a better solo cello soundfont though, it doesn't do the cello justice up in that register lol ;P
It's beautiful but there's one thing I'll say; while it's by no means hard, the two keys in this piece are probably among the most uncomfortable ones possible for strings. This is because when you first learn you associate a certain fingering with a note and with keys of more than 3 sharps or flats sometimes that's turned upside down when it comes to most advantageous fingering, meaning you'll have to constantly reconsider (e.g on violin you associate your 3rd finger with G when in first position but in the starting key it's Gb which is actually best played with 2nd finger when in first position. When you see the Gb that's turned flat by the key signature, you'll immediately think to use 3rd finger not 2nd and because the following note is a G natural in bar 10, which is much better suited to 3rd finger, you might get tied up (at least when sight-reading) and either slide your third or use your fourth really close to your third in a really constricted and bad position). These keys with middling amounts of sharps and flats are worse than keys with 6 or 7 though because when playing in those keys, you have the mentality to sharp or flat every note where here you need to closely consider what each note is.
This is beautiful! One little thing - just out of context, shouldn't the note in the Vln. II be an Fx instead of a G natural? It's a d# major chord...but that doesn't matter Keep up the great work!
Thank you! haha probably, I wasn't paying very close attention to that aspect ;P
Yes! I love the viola solo. Will we soon be hearing music on both sides of this intermezzo? I can imagine this as music for a movie scene

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