Samurai of the Future - UltraHQ Audio! (Headphones Recommended)

Uploaded on Dec 9, 2017

so I was just going to create another theme to go along with my "Planet of the Void" but it turned into this lol ;P
it's a weird mix of styles, so tell me if it works or not! :D
(Cover Art by DevianArt)
so funny back story thing, before I knew exactly what this was going to become, I was going to make it about orbiting earth and transitioning from one style to another as if going across different continents ;) that's why the trumpet solo is very Midwestern America leading into the koto melody lol ;P

future futuristic soundtrack EPIC Koto Japanese DON'T CLICK THIS TAG!!!! for one never knows where it might ake them mwuhahahahahahahahah lol

Pages 5
Duration 01:08
Measures 37
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 13
Part names French Horn, Trumpet, Percussion, Synthesizer(4), Guitar, Strings(5)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Could you tell me how to add a cover photo like that?
yup! (I made the cover using Canva.com) in musescore you can right click in the Title Text Box (the blue dashed line around the title). A drop down appears, click "add", then way down at the bottom of that drop down you can select "picture", find your desired photo then insert it. you can change the position by dragging it, or the size by double clicking it :D hope that helps!
I got it to work thank you so much!!!
Yay! More synthesizers! :D It makes sense though since you were trying to make a new song for "Planet of the Void". Great job on this song! I understand that you've been getting the same request a lot, but please extend your songs. :) I know how you feel, though, as whenever I try to extend songs it seems obvious of my intentions and where I tried to pick it back up... What exactly is "Harmless"? Just wondering.
Thanks! :D Haha yeah... this one and the other one were just tests, so I didn't put much effort into their length lol (Harmless is a synthesizer in FL Studio :D)
Awesome!! btw I clicked the tag lol
Can you make longer songs by the way?
Haha that's my weakest point, but with this piece, the way I did it made it where I'd have to put a lot more work and time then what I had
Cool! And another follower of yours is ME!
That's a very good concept. I like your using of synth in it Robin! And the music itself sounds pretty good! Great job ;D
This remember me to that old cartoon show from Cartoon Network, Samurai Jack
Never watched cartoons other than Tom and Jerry lol so I wouldn't know ;P
Incredible! Haven't posted on a piece of yours in a while :Z
wow this is astounding! I think pink floyd is missing a member!
Nice! I really liked that trumpet solo :D (I clicked the tag...)
Incredible job once again! I love the elegant feel of the piece after measure 15! It also has the space-like vibe that a few of your other pieces have! Awesome!
Thanks! I created it because of "Planet of the Void", so that's why it has the spacey feel (also because it was originally supposed to be a space theme lol)
Cool! I love em both! Ill be waiting for your next amazing score!
Oh my goodness! Please make someone do an animation out of this score I need to see what future moves that Samurai has... :DD
This is so awesome!! I really hope you are planning on film scoring as a career... you'll definitely get a job! (BTW, I clicked the tag!)
Thanks!! :DD I am planning too do that yes ;) Hahahahahahaha YES!!! it worked!!! (it's supposed to make people click it lol ;P) but to be realistic, the most I'll probably ever do are short films for low budget film makers lol ;) but I guess that's where everyone starts in that business lol ;)
Yay! LOL, I was disappointed when only your score popped up :'( :D
Hahaha I changed the tag, so now there are a lot of scores that do ;) (I miss typed the tag lol I really have that tag on a lot of my other ones ;P)
Very nice. It would be cool to find out the notation of the synth, i might try to do that.
Thanks :D the synths are from FL Studio, so if you have it I can tell you what I used :D
I think maybe just the name of the synth could help.