Samurai of the Future - UltraHQ Audio! (Headphones Recommended)

Uploaded on Dec 9, 2017

so I was just going to create another theme to go along with my "Planet of the Void" but it turned into this lol ;P
it's a weird mix of styles, so tell me if it works or not! :D
(Cover Art by DevianArt)
so funny back story thing, before I knew exactly what this was going to become, I was going to make it about orbiting earth and transitioning from one style to another as if going across different continents ;) that's why the trumpet solo is very Midwestern America leading into the koto melody lol ;P

future futuristic soundtrack EPIC Koto Japanese DON'T CLICK THIS TAG!!!! for one never knows where it might ake them mwuhahahahahahahahah lol

Pages 5
Duration 1:08
Measures 37
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 13
Part names French Horn
Synthesizer (4)
Strings (5)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Yay! More synthesizers! :D It makes sense though since you were trying to make a new song for "Planet of the Void". Great job on this song! I understand that you've been getting the same request a lot, but please extend your songs. :) I know how you feel, though, as whenever I try to extend songs it seems obvious of my intentions and where I tried to pick it back up...

What exactly is "Harmless"? Just wondering.

That's a very good concept. I like your using of synth in it Robin! And the music itself sounds pretty good! Great job ;D

This remember me to that old cartoon show from Cartoon Network, Samurai Jack

Incredible job once again! I love the elegant feel of the piece after measure 15! It also has the space-like vibe that a few of your other pieces have! Awesome!

Oh my goodness! Please make someone do an animation out of this score I need to see what future moves that Samurai has... :DD

This is so awesome!! I really hope you are planning on film scoring as a career... you'll definitely get a job! (BTW, I clicked the tag!)

In reply to by lizzapie

Thanks!! :DD I am planning too do that yes ;)
Hahahahahahaha YES!!! it worked!!! (it's supposed to make people click it lol ;P)
but to be realistic, the most I'll probably ever do are short films for low budget film makers lol ;) but I guess that's where everyone starts in that business lol ;)

Very nice. It would be cool to find out the notation of the synth, i might try to do that.