The Best of Charles Bolt

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Hi all! Sorry for not posting in a while.

I recently discovered a wonderful piano composer by the name of Charles Bolt, and decided to transcribe my 3 favourites pieces of his. They are:

#1: Seasons Changing
#2: Beyond the Sun
#3: Far and Beyond

I really hope you enjoy listening (and hopefully playing) this music, and please have a listen to his work on youtube or spotify.

Enjoy :)

Taking requests

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Hello there! I will now be taking your arrangement/transcription requests! Leave any details in the comments below and I will see what I can do! Thanks :D

Hysteria - Muse (go to music with sound font!!)

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Tenor Saxophone, Piano
Again, please go to the music with the sound font. For some reason, MuseScore won't let me save the audio properly!

So if you know me you'll know that I love rock music and saxophones, so here they are together in perfect harmony...and my 'perfect harmony' I mean epic rock. This is probably one of my favourite Muse tracks, so if you don't know them definitely go and check them out; their tracks are always the perfect combination of amazing rock and charming instrumental music. Hope you guys enjoy!

A Thousand Years

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PLEASE GO TO THE MUSIC WITH SOUND FONT (so it actually sounds decent)

So, this is a track I absolutely love from Twilight, Breaking Dawn by Christina Perri. I don't normally post these types of songs but I might from now on. If anyone has any requests (I can't guarantee them though...) post them in the comments!
I guess this is kind of in place of my 200 follower special...that original I was doing hit a dead end. I maybe should have saved this for my 1000 follower special (If I'm ever good enough to get there) but nevermind. I hope you guys enjoy and thank you to everyone who has helped me reach this amazing goal after 1 year on museScore!!

EDIT: I also just realised that exactly 4 years ago today I got my current electric piano! How ironic when I haven't posted in ages :D

The Best of Harry Potter | 100 follower special

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For music with sound font:

So, if you know me then you'll know I love Harry Potter, and as my follower count crept into the 90s, I started to question what I would do when I got to 100. And I love HP so much I thought I'd do a big medley of my favourite pieces! So here we go! The order is as follows:

#1. Dumbledore's Army
#2. Double Trouble
#3. Lily's Theme
#4. Hogwart's March
#5. Nimbus 2000
#6. When Ginny Kissed Harry
#7. Fireworks, Loved Ones and Leaving
#8. Courtyard Apocalypse, Leaving Hogwarts

And thanks to everyone who helped me achieve my first follower goal! I'm so excited that I'm here, and that people are enjoying my music. So thank you! And I hope you enjoy!

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I dreamed a dream

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Flute, Piano
For music with sound font:

I love this piece from Les Miserables so i decided to make a piano and flute cover (always a great combination). I used a grand piano because it has a slightly less tinny sound than a standard piano, at least on musescore anyway. Please tell me what you think, enjoy :-)

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