Greensleeves for Viola Quartet

4 parts2 pages00:514 months ago243 views
This piece is a simple English folk song with 2 voices. It was created sometime in the mid to late renaissance. There is speculation that it was made by Henry VIII, which you can read about on your own time. It was one of the 1st pieces to have been arranged for keyboard. I have rearranged it for just 4 violas. If you like this you can follow me and check out my other arrangements.

The Tiger Approaches For Viola Septet

7 parts7 pages01:554 months ago84 views
I listened to this score a while ago and thought it sounded very nice. So, In one day I transposed this to 7 violas. Some parts are unnaturally high, but they are still possible. If you like it, follow me. If you don't like it, this was only worked on one day. You should check out my other scores that I worked a month on.

Telemann Concerto in G for Viola for Viola Decet

10 parts34 pages03:234 months ago286 views
This was a request from BigRed888. Unfortunately I could not find any sheet music on musescore to transcribe, so I found sheet music on the internet. It wasn't for 10 viola's but the traditional ensemble. So I put my blood, sweat, and tears into transcribing treble clef, bass clef, and alto clef all into alto clef through my mind. Note by note. If you guys have any request please list them in the comments below

Canon in D for Viola Nonet

9 parts10 pages02:255 months ago131 views
I had an old sheet of Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel and thought I could rearrange it for viola. Some melodies had to be changed slightly in order to work, but overall it sounds great.
Violas shall reign supreme!