Prelude No. 1


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First prelude in my 24 Preludes Op. 1 set. (supposed to be swung)
Now available on iTunes, and on CDBaby at
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Genre: Jazz
Format: Composition

Comments (36)

Namvet's picture

that old soundfont

wind.e's picture

Really awesome! You're making me dance!

STNHZ's picture

I love it <3
going to practice and play as soon as possible

Hallam Saunders123 classical's picture

Wow, hard, who composed them? Sounds like Joplin!

sillybious's picture

very fun piece!

composer's picture

Nice piece!

janoyvind's picture

I was bobbing my head!! :)

klycmaine's picture

Love it so much! Thank you!

cadams's picture

Tremendous. Never mind pretentious 'Prelude' - just call it "Pretty brilliant bit of rag time played at awesome speed." A super piece

Nathan Ryland's picture

My recording of Prelude No. 1 is now available on iTunes, and also on CDBbay at Be sure to buy a copy and tell your friends about it!

jamilacuor's picture

Awesome, I love it!

Amythistfire's picture

Love this song!

LMacB's picture

Wow, a great fusion of rag classical and jazz! Awesome!

InstrumentPlaya's picture

wow awesome! but i have a question, what is the symbol in-between last note of measure 10 and first of measure 11 on treble clef!

Nathan Ryland's picture

That's a glissando, where you slide your hand along the keys from the first note to the last one. You can hear what it sounds like in the videoscore.

BenedictK's picture

A great way to start out your opus list! Bravo! Thanks for this awesome music!

cjbrandt's picture

I love it! Thanks .

Kushiel's picture

Ha, I do like it as well. Reminds me of the old player pianos. Any others you have on display?

Nathan Ryland's picture

I have the Prelude No. 2 up, and I plan on finishing no. 3 sometime soon. Glad you enjoyed it!

Bran92405's picture

Wow! Great. Definitely ragtime influenced.

AshBoy's picture

This is an amazing composition, you must be extremely creative to have come up with this. I love it!

Muinu's picture

Perfect! I love this song. It is very long and fast and original

Mathemusician's picture

Not a traditional piece, classical or rag. Still awesome.

Taylor_Sexton's picture

Well, if I would envision a ragtime prelude, this would definitely be it!

andabouk's picture

This is really excellent. Thanks for sharing it.

Piccoloist's picture

Reminds me of ragtime.

Zachestel's picture

Oh my goodness! This is amazing, I absolutely love it.

Crazygamer101's picture

outstanding piece

Michael Pham's picture

i love the various rhythms in this piece!

BarryP's picture

Great piece! You definitely have your niche here on - great Jazz preludes.

I'm going to study your pieces as you do things that I cannot do.

Thanks for and writing and posting this.

Fox Audio's picture

You're very clever, and this piece is brilliant! I love it!

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Uploaded Aug 5, 2011
Pages 2
Duration 0:54
Measures 38
Key signature natural
Parts 1
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  • Piano
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