Sheet music for Baritone Saxophone with 1 instrument

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Hi everyone!In a few weeks, I'll start giving saxophone lessons to a few kids between the age of 10-12. They have one or two years of experience.Does anybody here know any (not too hard) songs they could learn?Thx!
Hello everybody, I have been struggling with the altissimo notes on alto saxophone. I just can`t seem to play anything above the high d. ( with palm key). if anyone has any suggestion or exercises it would be appreciated. Thank you.
Hi, guys! I'm eager to know what is your impro/jazz practicing routine? What exactly do you practice and how much time do you devote to each topic (patterns, licks, scales, solos, etc.)?


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Baritone Saxophone


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Baritone Saxophone


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Baritone Saxophone


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Baritone Saxophone