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An Early Musing

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Piano, Violin(2), Viola, Cello, French Horn, Tuba
An original piece by me that is about a 3 minute piece for piano, 2 violins, viola, violin cello, horn in F, and Tuba. Just a tune in my head.
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Hey guys! I love the program! But there's one flaw, writing a Bb Tuba part is really the same as C-Tuba. It is rather annoying because when you write a Bb Tuba part, it doesn't match the other musical parts when you test them with a MIDI file. They both appear to be tuned in C, can you fix it please?
Talk about tenor tubas.
I am working up a short concert or Suite of mostly film and television music for a performance and the ape cave near Mount Saint Helens. This is for solo tuba.I got permission from the head park ranger to play a short concert less than 15 minutes and during a time of day when there's not a lot of foot traffic, say early in the morning. After I get this entered into musescore I'll post it for you. After I perform and record it, I'll send a link.

Taylor County Tubas Feature

4 parts2 pages01:06a year ago54 views
Tuba(3), Percussion
This is an edited version of TheTimanators vesion of this song. I wrote this out for our tuba section at school.


2 parts1 page00:582 years ago72 views
A short duet for tubas in G minor. Celebrating the acquisition of a new tuba, allowing my daughter and me to play together. Focuses on the tone colors in combination, easy playability, and creating nice moments for each part.

Hysteria - Muse - Piano/Drum Set Duet

2 parts8 pages02:413 months ago216 views
Piano, Percussion
"Hysteria" is a song by English alternative rock band Muse and is featured on their third studio album, Absolution. The song is well known for its intricate bass line, which was voted the sixth best bass line of all time on MusicRadar. Every bassist who heard this song wanted to play this, including my son (he did well!)
This arrangement started as a Tuba-Euphonium Quartet (that has not been posted), and was reworked into a piano/drum set duet. Enjoy!


4 parts3 pages01:0710 months ago35 views
For the Dorman High Tuba section, it is semi done but please save asap I will delete it


7 parts10 pages01:399 months ago35 views
Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Percussion(4)
This song sounds like the melody is spinning.

SCV 2018 Full Brass Closer (WIP) 8-27-18

9 parts9 pages01:26a month ago110 views
Trumpet(3), French Horn(5), Tuba
most headcam videos are up, (would love some more trumpet and lead baritone ones... haha) so here are some updates. give credit if you're going to use this score and enjoy.

8-27-18 - added another third of the closer, only needing 1/3 left. some trumpet parts and lead baritone parts are missing as well
8-26-18 - finished tuba and trumpet parts, as well as fixed up key signature related things and 2nd baritone part. missing the other 2/3's left though
8-23-18 - still needs 2/3's left, as well as the trumpets and tuba part.

Selection from Overture in C "In Memoriam"

2 parts1 page02:10a year ago203 views
French Horn(2)
Sir Arthur Sullivan (Gilbert & Sullivan) wrote this overture in honor of his father, who had just died. I have taken the main melody - first played by oboes but then carried by the horns - and put it for French Horn in a duet. This is followed by a bit that was originally for flutes and strings, and then it repeats back to the main melody. The second part could easily be transposed for baritone, trombone, or tuba, which would give it even more of an organ/chorale feel. ** The transitions at the beginning and end of part 1 are not very good, so any improvements are welcome!

Three Retards

3 parts2 pages01:046 months ago40 views
Alto Saxophone, Tuba, Clarinet
This song has a Alto Sax, Bass Clar, and Bb Tuba. The title is based of my friends who play BC and AS and my self who plays tuba, were all shit at our instruments and were almost retarded.


7 parts25 pages03:297 months ago199 views
Clarinet, Trombone(2), Tuba, Piano, Percussion(2)
An arrangement of the song Pompeii, by Bastille. I originally made this for my Travel & Tourism class, but I thought it was pretty good, and that I should upload my first song to Musescore.
Arranged for Bb Clarinet, two Trombones, a Tuba, a Piano, a Snare Drum, and a Bass Drum.

Carol Of The Trombone

3 parts4 pages01:14a year ago198 views
High School - No Grace Notes
College or Experienced Musician - With Grace Notes
This Piece Is Made For Both High School And Experienced Musicians,
P.s The Third Trombone Part Can Be Played By A Tuba & Epic (With Grace Notes) Trombone Solo
Hope You Enjoy This Piece And The Holidays ;)

Marvel's Avengers Theme

4 parts6 pages01:56a month ago55 views
Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, French Horn
This is my arrangement of the Avenger's movie theme including 1 trumpet, trombone, tuba, and French horn. I hope you enjoy it and feedback is always welcome!