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Talk about tenor tubas.

Tuba Etude No. 1

1 part2 pages01:435 years ago6,495 views
One of about 11.5 etudes I have written for tuba. I got board a few nights ago and stayed up composing since I am on break and have nothing to fill my time. This one is my favorite. It is a grade 1 solo because of the range and stamina it requires. I know it is difficult and if you feel you must point it out to me please feel free to do so! I try to write at my level for tuba and I can play this (barley I might add) so I like to call myself a very well rounded tuba/bass trombone player. Anyway - please enjoy and comment. I would really enjoy that.

Czardas Tuba Solo (Brass Quintet)

5 parts9 pages03:453 years ago5,674 views
Tuba(2), Trumpet(2), French Horn
This is my next solo that I am attempting, and I am going to have some friends play alongside with my and well, this came to be! Hope you guys enjoy!!!

Fun Tuba stuff

2 parts6 pages06:473 years ago5,467 views
A collection of fun pop tunes, all set together intended for short licks during football games (I will continue to add to the score whenever I have time, so check back often!)

Also, I do not claim rights to any of this, I just moved (totally not copy-pasted) a bunch of popular stuff down into a tuba's range so we can doodle around and get songs stuck in people's heads.

Despacito for Tuba

1 part2 pages01:52a year ago4,854 views
Despacito in bass clef, intended for tuba. Thought I'd share in case anybody else would like to use it. :)

The Cantina Band-Tuba

1 part2 pages01:072 years ago4,456 views
This is my arrangement of John William's "The Cantina Band" from Star Wars: Episode IV, A New Hope. It is arranged for Tuba, but it still sounds great on a piano if you want to play it that way. Leave a comment and enjoy!