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Talk about tenor tubas.
Hey guys! I love the program! But there's one flaw, writing a Bb Tuba part is really the same as C-Tuba. It is rather annoying because when you write a Bb Tuba part, it doesn't match the other musical parts when you test them with a MIDI file. They both appear to be tuned in C, can you fix it please?
I am working up a short concert or Suite of mostly film and television music for a performance and the ape cave near Mount Saint Helens. This is for solo tuba.I got permission from the head park ranger to play a short concert less than 15 minutes and during a time of day when there's not a lot of foot traffic, say early in the morning. After I get this entered into musescore I'll post it for you. After I perform and record it, I'll send a link.

Popular Songs For Tuba

1 part2 pages02:10a year ago5,132 views
Just some great songs i found on musescore, so i put them in one big playlist. I did not create any of these.

Czardas Tuba Solo (Brass Quintet)

5 parts9 pages03:453 years ago4,922 views
Tuba(2), Trumpet(2), French Horn
This is my next solo that I am attempting, and I am going to have some friends play alongside with my and well, this came to be! Hope you guys enjoy!!!

Fun Tuba stuff

2 parts6 pages06:472 years ago4,509 views
A collection of fun pop tunes, all set together intended for short licks during football games (I will continue to add to the score whenever I have time, so check back often!) Also, I do not claim rights to any of this, I just moved (totally not copy-pasted) a bunch of popular stuff down into a tuba's range so we can doodle around and get songs stuck in people's heads.

Down in the River to Pray Tuba Solo

5 parts5 pages02:48a year ago4,405 views
Tuba, Trumpet(2), Trombone(2)
Down in the river to Pray for brass quintet, transcribed from this beautiful video:

Tuba Cheer

10 parts4 pages00:245 years ago4,100 views
Stands tune for marching band

Megalovania, Tuba

1 part2 pages02:312 years ago4,059 views
The Megalovania theme from Undertale by Toby Fox, with a Tuba cover