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Any helpful critique would be nice. Also, this is the first piece i have written.

Film Medley for Tuba and Piano

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Piano, Tuba
I've borrowed a few pieces from around this site and put them together as a duet for tuba and piano, for me and a friend to play at a school fair. Uploading it here so that he can listen to it.

Tuba Solo 1

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My First solo. Wooooohhhhhooooo

Ghibli Medley for Baritone&Tuba Quartet (Howl's Moving Castle ,Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away)

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Ghibli Medley for Baritone&Tuba Qaurtet ジブリメドレー バリチュ―4重奏

Composer Joe Hisaishi 作曲者 久石譲

(Howl's Moving Castle) ハウルの動く城
Merry-go-round of life 人生のメリーゴーランド

(Kiki's Delivery Service) 魔女の宅急便
On a Clear Day 晴れた日に
Departure 旅立ち

(Spirited Away) 千と千尋の神隠し
The name of Life いのちの名前
Reprise ふたたび

[Insutrument] 編成

5/4 N O T I O N S op.59 Book I : I N C A N T A T I O N S/beauty/gods/INFINITY/BEYOND GOOD & E/progress/for ensemble and pieces for S O L OP I A NO&other solo instruments(solo doublebass,marimba,tuba,altosaxophone,altoflute,viola,gongs

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Percussion(19), Piano, Guitar, Bass
A lot of what we have opinions are recieved notions .there are few absolute truths if any.The weight of an atom may not change but blue ,heat,cold,distance are never exact. Love,virtue,good,fairness,right &wrong are human notions .It hurts or we like it that's just us silly feeling humans -its only us -it's not a preordained universal standard,truth just a arbitraRY category . hUMAN nOTIONS OR USEFUL CONCEPTS THAT HAVE STARTED WARS AND MADE PEOPLE FEEL LOVED . Audacious Spiritual Music .May have variety of Appeal to various senses for the Discriminating listener/auditor! hee hee . ALL ART IS HOLY & Please don't forget pop music when you write serious music.We learn from it the magnetism and pull and significance of the gesture, ugly ,raucous wild animal nature sounds .

Tuba Fanfare

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A little something I thought of

Red Hot chili peppers meets Tuba

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Hello I am a boy who is learning to use this program slowly xD, I play the tuba and I love red hot chili peppers bassist flea, of course if there is an error please tell me in the comments, I hope you like it and anything else just peace and love.