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I'm not a brass player, I'm a violinist. I'm just writing for myself with MuseScore, trying to build my composition and orchestration skills. How do you decide which tuba to use in compositions? Wikipedia says that some tubas are more commonly used in UK, the other is more commonly used in US. If I ever have a real player to write for, then I'll write for that persons instrument. Until that happens, can you give me any suggestions, comments etc? (I posted one of my composition exercises , with a tube, to this group, it's the variations on Swanee river) Thanks.
Hey guys! I love the program! But there's one flaw, writing a Bb Tuba part is really the same as C-Tuba. It is rather annoying because when you write a Bb Tuba part, it doesn't match the other musical parts when you test them with a MIDI file. They both appear to be tuned in C, can you fix it please?

Tuba Solo 1

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My First solo. Wooooohhhhhooooo

Film Medley for Tuba and Piano

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Piano, Tuba
I've borrowed a few pieces from around this site and put them together as a duet for tuba and piano, for me and a friend to play at a school fair. Uploading it here so that he can listen to it.

Tuba Fanfare

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A little something I thought of

5/4 N O T I O N S op.59 Book I : I N C A N T A T I O N S/beauty/gods/INFINITY/BEYOND GOOD & E/progress/for ensemble and pieces for S O L OP I A NO&other solo instruments(solo doublebass,marimba,tuba,altosaxophone,altoflute,viola,gongs

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Percussion(19), Piano, Guitar, Bass
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Red Hot chili peppers meets Tuba

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Hello I am a boy who is learning to use this program slowly xD, I play the tuba and I love red hot chili peppers bassist flea, of course if there is an error please tell me in the comments, I hope you like it and anything else just peace and love.