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Personally I've really taken to the piano, practising at least 1 hour a day, so it kinda pays of, been playing for 2 years so far, So I do play Rachmaninoff of which I enjoy immensely, also I enjoy Debussy and personally find it more relaxing.
¡Hola! Espero que estén todos bien. Les hago una pequeña consulta: ¿Cómo puedo transcribir los compases 78, 79, 80, 81 y 82 de "Fur Elise" de Beethoven? Estuve intentando con varias alternativas pero ninguna me resulta. Busqué por Google y nada. ¿Qué significan esos "3" arriba de cada tres semicorcheas? Disculpen las molestias, soy nueva en este programa y me parece una maravilla. Gracias de antemano.Hello! I hope everybody is fine. I ask you a little question: How can I transcribe bars 78, 79, 80, 81 and 82 of "Fur Elise" by Beethoven? I was trying with several alternatives but none of them work for me. I searched for Google and nothing. What do those "3" mean above every three sixteenths? Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm new to this program and I think it's wonderful. Thanks in advance. is an updated score.I was bored today so I decided to make this by ear. Idk how to get the first ending to extend past one measure, but I think it turned out well. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated (even negative feedback).


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