Sheet music for Percussion, Recorder with 5 instruments

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Discussions It's called Breadfan and our band loves the song so much that our band teacher, he errrr banned (or band, if i wanted to be punny) the song. So he took away the song from us and we don't have the music for it. Some of the best players remember it, but most forgot. So it would be appreciated if someone could bring our lovely breadfan back to us so we can be happy yet again because we hate our band teacher and vice versa and we want our breadfan back.
Hi all, I'm a Freshman flute player who has recently joined the Musescore community. I have five years of experience with flute and more with other instruments, however flute is my favorite, and I have a few scores that I've created over the years for both full ensemble and solo pieces. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to create a score on Musescore (all my current scores are handwritten), so I was wondering if any of you know how and could give me some tips? Thank you for your time.
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Oboe, Recorder, Harp, Percussion(2)


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Violin, Recorder, Percussion, Guitar, Bass

feel good

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Recorder, Harmonica, Percussion(2), Voice


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Recorder, Flute, Piano, Percussion, Cello