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Hi I'm new to musescore but I play the Cello and I love it so much thx for creating this group!
 Hi  people ^^, to make it clear and not to create confusion: I know almost nothing about music, much less harmony, so forgive me. I'm just a kid wanting to do something cool. I would appreciate it if you would leave tips and suggestions.About the idea: I'm going back to my homeland, so I decided to do some work on it (even though I have no idea what I'm doing). I started doing this project today, and I intend to take it for a week, until it is complete. I want you to accompany him with me. For now, is this ..."I don't know what i'm doing and it's the not knowing that makes it interesting". - Philip Glass
Are there any lovely pieces for just 2 cellos? I'm looking for music for a friend and me: standard wise around Grade 5/6/7 for one part, and the other part, just not too much treble clef!The standards are a bit specific, but if anyone has any suggestions for any pieces that sound great as just a cello duo please! (I've looked at the 2Cellos, and I'm considering Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, but I think the other arrangements are currently either too short or hard).Thank you!

Alabama Smith - Chasing Alabama

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Heart of Courage

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