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Prelude Op.3 No.1 ''Prelude in Blue''

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A prelude that i composed when i listened to Gerswin's music. Hope you like it. IT'S COMPLETELY PLAYABLE! Pleaze feel free to leave comments! Best regards to everyone!!

A Jazzy Prelude-for solo piano

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A jazzy prelude for the jazziest of instruments! (While still trying to keep it a little classical) Nikolai Kapustin happened to be a big influence on this piece :) Started- 3/12/17 Finished- 3/12/17

Prelude No. 5

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Prelude No. 5 from 24 Preludes, Op. 1. Please watch the VideoScore!

Prelude No. 1

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First prelude in my 24 Preludes Op. 1 set. (supposed to be swung) Now available on iTunes, and on CDBaby at iTunes link:

Prelude No. 6

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Prelude No. 6, Op. 1. Pretty ridiculous amount of coda for all the main theme material...oh, well. Thanks to pianoplaya for one of his scores that inspired this prelude.

7 Preludes Op.4

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Piano (2)
This is my Op.4 set, which has 7 preludes. This year i started exploring other musical languages like atonic, jazz e.t.c. These preludes have a weird language. Pleaze enjoy listening and feel free to leave comments! …

3 Preludes for Solo Piano (1.)FIGHT (2.)GARDENS (3.)STRETCH&STRIVE

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My challenge is to write more meditative music using jazz harmony - this is a TASTE OF THINGS TO COME ! I'm wondering why Chopin decided to put so many preludes together and if he was following Bach why not ALL DA keys -no etudes ,polonaises ,nocturnes but several mazurkas of course are in D and there is a single prelude. D major is rare for him but b minor certainly isnt . i adore the b…

Carnival Ride

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up tempo piece with some jazz and baroque influence

" LUDES " or PRELUDES - BOOK 2 and used in American Suites No.2 for SOLO P I A N O OP. 97 by enjohan demusickmartin . best thing i ever done horsepower expressive self rec needed OOOOH!

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My 2nd book of preludes OP.97. Also opening prelude for American Suite No.2. god look what yo spark of rays made little me.Im sooo proud.Black at last Great god a negro at last ! haha hee- hee . Look for my book on the difficulties of being black and middle class called titled coming soon to a bookstore and bathroom near you . hee hee haa haa …

Music Assignment

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Trumpet • Piano
I did not compose these songs. If the rightfull arranger of these songs would like me to credit them I shall. fixed

op.3 "The Elysium" 24 Preludes.1(C),2(a),15(F) 13 (g#)#3(G),4(G),5(e),6(D),7(b),7(A),8(A),9(f#)10(E),11(c#),12(B).14(f#).No.20 (Bb)posted as ROMANTIC prelude elsewhere here.

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This is my first book of preludes started in 2013 ( and continuing without the use of a piano or even cheap electric keyboard . I've written more than a hundred compositions in the last year &1/2 since july28,2013 without a keyboard ) when I first came to Miami to live. No. 7 in A major psychologically subtly linked to Chopin prelude in same key was the first piece I posted on muse it dates…

OUT of THE NECK IT CAME ! April 22 ,2015 5of12 P r e l u d e s op. 91 for S O L O V I O L I N op.71

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A book of my collected short music for solo violin . Just started the morning of March 15 while I'm still working on my jazz preludes for piano ! NO. 1 STARTED -FINISHED APRIL12.2015 .No.2 gets changed daily.What will no.3 be about.No.4 is tame but likable music -I guess. Anne Sophie Mutter is coming to Miami to play Berg violin concerto this april 26. I will give her this score. ! Must…