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This is part of a set of 10 pieces of folk music, which I have written this year and named the Sutherland Reels ( they are not all reels !). Do you think it could be developed as a song with the additions of lyrics and vocals ? the youtube version I am playing a Yamaha synth. Using sinsy I could generate a synthesized vocal and add it to that. used the website sinsy to generate the vocals - thoughts on this song are welcome. It is my first complete pop song.
could smeone help me with the songSomething Rock Or Jazzy Or prefarably Both(intro) Oh Baby, Why did you have to lie? I thought you loved me? I thought i was the only one. Have you ever? Thought About me? Have you ever? Cared for me?  Oh, i know you never did.  (bridge)  You used me…. hurt me… Just because i am weak  OHH,while you loved her… You told me… I was the only one… But you lied baby! You betrayed me Baby!  (Chorus) Am i nothing to you… Am i just someone that you used… Am i just someone that you played…  I’ve let you devour me!! Because Heaven Knows!! I love you more than anything!!!!  I would die for you Oh! I would even kill for you baby I would do and give  Anything for you  (bridge2) SO BABY!!!! I know i’m an idiot To say this!!! But Please, Come back to me… Even though.. You’re a Selfish Man I’ll forgive all your mistakes  (Chorus 2) Because BABY I can’t live without you. I would rather die.. Instead of… Loving someone else… Oh BABY!!! You are my only one!! You are my Baby!! OH BABY!! You Are My MAN!!!!  (Bridge 3) I know i’m Stupid To think… That you’ll change  Because you lied to me… Because you used me… And Also!!! BEcause you love Someone Else!!!!!  I know… I should’ve moved on Especially.. From a man like you..  (Ending) OH GOD!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!! Help ME Out OF This Misery!!!!  All i want is this pain to be gone… But he keeps hurting me… He loves her now… But he keeps telling me… He still loves me…