Sheet music for Harpsichord, Percussion, Synthesizer with 8 instruments

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Does anyone know a way to get a good sounding suspended cymbal roll? I've tried almost everything and it all sounds like garbage lol. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!
Can anyone give me some feedback on this:
When are we going to be able to have marimbas, vibes, etc. be able to have the percussion clef and add instruments to them? This is common practice in front ensemble, so I think it should be a thing. Also, smooth cymbal rolls, not the sound of crash cymbals over and over again in a tremolo.


8 parts10 pages043 years ago4,197 views
Oboe, Harp, Piccolo, Harpsichord, Strings, Synthesizer, Piano, Percussion


8 parts41 pages03:282 months ago27 views
Percussion(3), Accordion, Guitar, Harpsichord, Synthesizer, Soprano Saxophone

Please, Woodcutter

8 parts12 pages02:1411 months ago47 views
Violin, Synthesizer, Percussion(3), Harpsichord, Piano, Sound effects


8 parts26 pages06:123 years ago36 views
Voice(2), Harpsichord, Strings, Percussion(2), Timpani, Synthesizer


8 parts26 pages06:122 years ago39 views
Voice(2), Harpsichord, Strings, Percussion(2), Timpani, Synthesizer