Sheet music for Percussion, Tenor Saxophone with 4 instruments

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The local music store here, Groth Music (Also the biggest music store in Minnesota) has three different professional tenor sax models for sale, at least that’s what shows on their website. If they have more, I’ll look into it. For now, I just want to know if there are opinions.The options are:Selmer Paris Professional Model 54JU Tenor SaxophoneSelmer Paris Professional Model 84 Tenor SaxophoneYamaha YTS-82ZII Custom Z Tenor SaxophoneBtw, I’m leaning towards the Custom Z because I want one with black lacquer so I can look cool at school :P
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Heya, I'm bringing this problem to the saxes of Musescore because I'm too lazy to make an account for another website and I have a marching band performance on Memorial Day coming up fast. (Just to clarify, this issue is on my tenor.)So, I've had this problem for my entire time playing saxophone and I've mostly gotten around it with my embouchure, but it's gotten worse. If I try to play G or G#, it squeaks. Quite badly. Just today I noticed that if I kind of focus that squeak, it's actually a really bad palm key Eb, so I was wondering if it was a palm key leak or something else. I did also notice that several of the pads on the palm keys of my (I believe it's a YTS-26? I'll edit the post if it isn't) tenor saxophone were quite a bit out of alignment, especially the high F key, which was several millimeters off center. So, I was wondering if it is a key alignment issue or something else. Any suggestions?Edit: The palm keys are also really loose on the tone holes, so that won't help. I was thinking of messing with the leaf springs, but I'm no professional. (Finally, that 4th grade science project on levers will help me)

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