Sheet music for Percussion, Accordion with 4 instruments

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I have two shows need help with both. One is being looking to be used soon. 
If you don't know already, I am now almost at 50 followers. Currently I have 39 followers so just 11 more and I will have reached the 50 follower mark. I had maybe like 4 followers 2 years ago. So clearly, I'm doing something right. My most recent score called The Storm just brought me 2 more followers. I suppose they followed me hoping to someday see the entire suite that I plan on The Storm being a part of. That suite I call Weather Music. Maybe I should compose another part of the suite for that 50 followers mark, upload it when I reach 50 followers, and then whenever I have finished the suite, upload it in its entirety.If you want to listen to what I have so far of The Storm, here it is: just so happens that I have been getting rain for 3 days straight here in Ohio.Update 1: 6/18/2019Oh my goodness, 4 followers in a single day. That is a record for me, I am now at 43 followers. I don't know if the follower milestone or finishing the composition will come first. If the follower count does come first, that's fine. I'm not pushing myself to finish the 50 follower composition.


4 parts2 pages01:253 years ago128 views
Harpsichord, Percussion(2), Accordion

Untitled 2

4 parts2 pages00:18a year ago42 views
Accordion, Bass, Percussion, Recorder


4 parts11 pages21:209 months ago41 views
Accordion, Percussion(2), Trumpet

Pezhenn Krug

4 parts13 pages04:42a year ago30 views
Clarinet, Accordion, Tuba, Percussion

NS 9

4 parts3 pages00:593 months ago9 views
Trombone, Accordion, Bass, Percussion