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I had an idea to keep people who can't check musescore too often up to speed on important events in RSA, since there are a lot of discussions, so some people might not have time to read them all. Somebody (probably me) could post a weekly discussion about key events of the week. For example, some key events this week include the idea of starting a musescore podcast and also that there was another large-scale troll on musescore. Thoughts?
So, um, I have kind of a problem of eating food I'm not supposed to. So I found these chocolate covered marshmallows and ate 2, 1/2 at one time and the rest no more than a couple hours later. I got home from school at like 3 pm, can't remember if i had one then or after therapy......And it is now 9:55 pm. At therapy my therapist said I seemed "usually relaxed." So I get home and my mom says "who ate the chocolate? I need to know"Turns out that those chocolates had weed in them. ~~my parents use it for medical purposes~And 1 dose was 1/2 marshmallow.And I had eaten 2 marshmallows.In the time span between 3:15 and 7-8pm I had taken 4 doses of,to clarifyA 16 year old girl who has never had weed before and thus has not developed a tolerance to it, has consumed 4 doses of weed in around 4 hours.Some questions:1. So will I get arrested? I know it's illegal, but it was a total accident, so....2. Am I high?     My mouth and throat are dry, and my throat feels kind of fuzzy. I've got this kind of a buzz in my nerves (I don't know what else to call it). My pulse is a little elevated. I feel like I can look at anything and zone out. It's really that buzzy feeling, it's really intense, and sometimes I feel pleasantly cold, but in a really weird way. I know that this sounds normal, but it's taking me a long time to type and I keep making mistakes.3. Do I need to go to the doctor?4. If I'm high, how long will it last?~~~PLEASE DO NOT TURN THIS INTO A DISCUSSION ABOUT MEDICAL MARIUANNA AND ITS ETHICS AND STUFF. JUST TELL ME IF IM HIGH PLEASE~~~
Im pretty sure weve done this game in the past but i really dont want to look thru discussions tryin to find it. You start with a word, say, tune. Change one letter to tone. Ect.