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Hello! I am looking for sheet music for a violin and cello duet! It's been pretty hard searching for a piece that both sounds good and is pretty challenging. If anyone can send over some great pieces (from musescore) or even websites that have free and good sheet music that'd be great! Thanks for your help in advance! :))
WE GOT 16 PEOPLE... THE BATTLE IS FINALLY STARTING!!This battle is a tournament. I tried to make the same level of piano players against each other. (If you were playing 5 years, I put you against someone that was playing for 5 years)1st Round: In the first round, the song i am assigning is any song you want to play. (Literally any song) How I will be grading:I will be grading on how difficult the piece is and how flawlessly you play it.I will give you a grade out of 100.The person with the better grade moves on to the second round.Link with the bracket: on a phone or laptop and upload it to your files. Then, submit it in the Google Form below. (If you have any problems message me) due date is Friday, November 22 by 12:00 AM (Eastern TIme) If you don't turn it in, or turn it in late, the other person will win no matter what.UPDATE:I made a website with all of the necessary information. It is a lot more convenient for me and for y'all. The link is: you go on the website, make an account
Hi. I recently made a new song:1st Movement notes version: youtube version: song is now available on SoundCloud: you like it :) more coming.