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Hey guys, I'm a trumpet player who was also a self-taught horn player for a year. I haven't played in a while but I'm thinking of picking it up again. I know most beginners start off with a single F horn, and that's the route I plan on taking. For those of you who have switched from single to double F/Bb horn, was it difficult in terms of learning the new fingerings? I know they are very different, does anyone have any way to learn the new fingerings quickly? Thanks!
Give reasons why one is better than the other please. Don't actually argue, please. Just discuss. I have my own opinions on this topic. (String rotors are the rotors that use strings tied and looped to connect to the rod pushed by the keys or trigger. Rod rotors are rotors that use the rod from the key or trigger to directly rotate the rotor from the outside.)
Hey guys !It's been a while since I haven't composed, but I'm happy to share with you the two new pieces I made !Feel free to give me your feedback :)Links :Prelude in C minor : :

Miku Symphony2017 Future Overture WIP

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