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 I just wrote a new score. I would love some feedback. thanks!
So after listening to Bach's Cello Suites and his Flute Partita, I figured I would do a similar thing but for bassoon. The fact that I am writing for bassoon is partly why I decided to start with an overture instead of a prelude(French overture if you want to get into the specific type based on speed pattern). That isn't to say that the slow section won't include some fast 16ths but I have been adding long notes as I see fit.I only have 13 measures so far, so I'm not thinking of uploading the piece yet. But I can only use the singing method for the alto range and low soprano pretty much(my natural soprano has gotten limited and squeaky over the years, and not because I overused my soprano so unlike before where I could easily sing up to a high G in my soprano, I can barely get a high C out) which means that as soon as the notes are in the range of a bass voice or a low tenor, I can't use the singing method to check for slur placement at all and in the soprano range, it isn't going to be all that accurate(Not that I would have the bassoon going into a soprano range all that often anyway).And I myself do not play bassoon, partly because the instrument, even at beginner quality is like $3000 worth. Whereas my beginner quality flute, I got for less than $100. That is quite the price difference between the cheapest and most expensive woodwind at beginner quality, excluding auxiliaries.If I did play bassoon at an advanced level, I could just write down the notes that I want without worrying about slurs, play the notes as written, and see where I run out of breath and how I naturally phrase it. The breath and phrasing together would determine where to put the slurs. But because I don't play bassoon, and I don't have a friend who I know is a bassoonist, this method won't work either.So if my vocal range is limited pretty much to alto and low soprano making the singing method not viable for bassoon and I don't play bassoon, nor know a friend who plays bassoon, how am I supposed to determine where to put the slurs in my Bassoon Suite?


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(My scores) The Tale Begins

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In the tropics

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Custom audio


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Three Songs For Winds And Voice, No. 2

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Ralis, Prince of the Zoras
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Ralis, Prince of the Zoras

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ugly stuff

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Fat Suzzy

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