Sheet music for Tuba, Brass Ensemble

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I finished composing the first movement of my suite as a 50 follower special. Here is the link:


10 parts2 pages01:24a day ago8 views
Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone(2), Brass Ensemble, Contrabass, Percussion(2), Tuba


13 parts11 pages01:52a day ago20 views
Flute, Clarinet(2), Alto Saxophone, Trumpet(2), French Horn(2), Brass Ensemble, Tuba, Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Piccolo


19 parts4 pages01:032 days ago11 views
Piccolo, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Brass Ensemble(4), French Horn(2), Synthesizer(2), Tuba(2), Percussion(5)


12 parts13 pages04:242 days ago4 views
Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Strings, Percussion(2), French Horn(2), Trumpet, Brass Ensemble, Trombone, Tuba

Please Me (NHS)

15 parts23 pages01:253 days ago36 views
Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Brass Ensemble(2), Trumpet(2), Trombone(3), Tuba(2), Percussion(2)

Mela Di Arachidi Carote Incolore

18 parts8 pages01:184 days ago4 views
Brass Ensemble, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo, Oboe, Tuba, Trombone, French Horn, Timpani, Percussion(2), Guitar(2), Bass(2)


19 parts7 pages00:504 days ago11 views
Flute, Strings(2), Brass Ensemble(5), French Horn(3), Trumpet(2), Tuba(2), Percussion(4)

Fly Like A Bird

11 parts5 pages01:366 days ago24 views
Piccolo, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tuba(2), Trumpet(2), Brass Ensemble(3), French Horn
Custom audio


29 parts20 pages01:367 days ago5 views
Trumpet(3), French Horn(2), Tuba(4), Percussion(17), Timpani, Brass Ensemble, Synthesizer

Please me Bruno Mars

18 parts18 pages028 days ago27 views
Strings(5), Brass Ensemble(2), Synthesizer(3), Bass, Trumpet(3), Percussion(2), Piano, Tuba


19 parts11 pages01:2510 days ago37 views
Flute, Strings(2), Brass Ensemble(5), French Horn(3), Trumpet(2), Tuba(2), Percussion(4)
A Tribute To Heroes
Custom audio

A Tribute To Heroes

30 parts32 pages13:0111 days ago249 views
Trumpet(3), Bass(3), French Horn(3), Trombone(3), Tuba(2), Percussion(14), Guitar, Brass Ensemble
One Movement Symphony
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One Movement Symphony

17 parts11 pages10:0711 days ago41 views
Piano, Percussion(2), Organ, Harmonica, Guitar, Bass, Strings(2), Voice, Tuba, Brass Ensemble, Clarinet, Other Woodwinds(2), Synthesizer(2)