Sheet music for Brass Ensemble with 12 instruments

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Hello, I am currently working on writing a show for drum corps based on the music from the Metroid series. I would love for you to check it out at free to leave feedback or just say which part is your favorite.Since this show is still under production, if you have a favorite track from the series, let me know and I can try to incorporate it. 

Muppet Show

12 parts12 pages01:043 years ago927 views
Trumpet(2), Trombone, Brass Ensemble, Piccolo, Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone, Bass, Timpani, Percussion, Bassoon, Tenor Saxophone

Route 66

12 parts49 pages02:483 years ago749 views
Alto Saxophone, Voice, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Violin, Piccolo, Tenor Saxophone, Brass Ensemble, Percussion, Trumpet, Bass

Cheerleader NAHS Pep Band

12 parts4 pages01:393 years ago634 views
Flute, Bassoon, Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone(2), Trumpet(2), Brass Ensemble, Trombone(2), Percussion(2)

Everlight Boss Battle

12 parts5 pages02:503 years ago175 views
Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Brass Ensemble, Timpani, Percussion(2), Voice, Piano, Cello, Contrabass

Badlands WIP

12 parts13 pages02:023 years ago359 views
Brass Ensemble(2), Guitar(3), Bass, Organ, Piano, Percussion(6)

The Electric Canon

12 parts40 pages05:283 years ago1,095 views
Piano, Strings(4), Bass, Percussion, Brass Ensemble(3), Guitar(2)

Megalovania (Undertale Version)

12 parts11 pages02:523 years ago30,974 views
Harpsichord, Organ, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Piano(2), Strings, Brass Ensemble, Cello, Bass(2), Percussion

TERRARIA - Corruption

12 parts14 pages02:433 years ago4,785 views
Voice(2), Trombone, Guitar, Strings(3), Brass Ensemble, Synthesizer, Bass, Percussion(2)


12 parts58 pages10:153 years ago339 views
Piano, Flute, Oboe, Strings(4), French Horn, Brass Ensemble(4)

The Elephant

12 parts23 pages07:144 years ago364 views
Trumpet, French Horn, Clarinet(2), Trombone, Violin, Brass Ensemble, Tuba, Bass, Timpani, Percussion(2)

Farewell Life

12 parts43 pages06:354 years ago4,991 views
Piano(2), Strings(4), Brass Ensemble, Bass, Percussion(3), Sound effects

[DM] YES lonely

12 parts108 pages05:214 years ago403 views
Voice, Strings(2), Guitar(3), French Horn, Synthesizer, Alto Saxophone, Brass Ensemble, Bass, Percussion