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For those who don’t know Polyrhythm is the simultaneous use of two or more conflicting rhythms e.g. triplets at the same time as duplets
So I'm trying to transcribe the song Les Capitaines by Cecile Corbel to perform for my band class on the Lyre (Is 10 string harp, Ab to C# range) and Guitar but I can't figure out the rhythm for the first lick. 
Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced in piano playing?

Protectors of the earth

49 parts115 pages27:03a day ago31 views
Piccolo, Flute, Trumpet, Brass Ensemble(2), French Horn(3), Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Percussion(12), Voice(7), Piano(2), Synthesizer(2), Sound effects, Guitar(5), Bass(2), Violin, Cello, Strings(5)


21 parts45 pages08:223 days ago13 views
Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba(2), Piano, Strings, Cello, Contrabass, Synthesizer(3), Percussion(4), Guitar, Alto Saxophone

Cricket Love

7 parts6 pages05:214 days ago6 views
Piano, Strings, Timpani, Guitar(2), English Horn, Flute


25 parts17 pages03:234 days ago16 views
Piccolo, Flute, Percussion(2), Violin, Viola, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, French Horn, Cello, Contrabass, Piano(4), Bass(2), Synthesizer, Guitar(3), Oboe, Strings(2)
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30 parts10 pages02:085 days ago21 views
Organ(2), Guitar, Piano(3), Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet(2), Bassoon, French Horn(3), Trumpet(3), Trombone(3), Tuba, Percussion(2), Harp, Strings(4), Cello
The Minish Cap - wip
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The Minish Cap - wip

31 parts15 pages07:575 days ago124 views
Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet(3), Bassoon, French Horn(2), Brass Ensemble(3), Tuba, Timpani, Percussion(4), Piano, Synthesizer(4), Strings(6), Guitar, Bass

Giu la testa Renazzo

16 parts7 pages04:156 days ago11 views
Strings(3), Voice, Recorder, Flute, Oboe, French Horn(2), Harp, Guitar(2), Harpsichord, Piano, Percussion(2)

One Winged Angel - Advent Children Version

38 parts40 pages05:307 days ago74 views
Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, French Horn(3), Trombone(2), Tuba, Timpani, Strings(7), Percussion(2), Piano(3), Voice(8), Guitar(3), Bass(2)

Discover Paradise

22 parts19 pages02:148 days ago20 views
Flute, Alto Saxophone(2), Tenor Saxophone(2), Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet(4), Trombone(4), Guitar, Piano(2), Bass, Strings(2), Percussion(2)