Sheet music for Organ, Soprano Saxophone, Other Woodwinds with 10 instruments

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I am pretty new to composing (only started 2-3 years ago) and I would like any critique, feedback, or suggestions, etc. for some of my original comps.This would be greatly appreciated Thanks :)| LAKE OF SERENITY || RISE AND FALL | 2017 Original Comps
In this group, I will help ANYONE with a Saxophone! I will love to help! I myself play the Alto Saxophone, But I will help Alto, Tenor, or Baritone Saxophone! Just Keep in mind... If you need help, Please join my group! Also if you need help with a song, I can somehow help you! :) If you want to join please click join! Link to the group:

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Synthesizer, Piccolo, Other Woodwinds(2), English Horn, Soprano Saxophone, Organ(2), Guitar(2)