Sheet music for Other Woodwinds, Synthesizer

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If you're a fan of the popular Hip-Hop Broadway musical Hamilton, then join this discussion! Share anything you want about it. AND PEGGY. 
I recently finished writing a chamber piece for flute, oboe, and harp. I'm hoping to enter it in a competition this fall, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Any of my kind present?


7 parts10 pages01:042 hours ago2 views
Piano, Synthesizer(3), Other Woodwinds, Bass, Percussion

Beat 15

7 parts10 pages01:0422 hours ago4 views
Percussion, Bass, Brass Ensemble, Synthesizer(3), Other Woodwinds

Dawns Darkness

18 parts16 pages01:122 days ago6 views
Piccolo, Piano, Synthesizer, Other Woodwinds, Guitar, Percussion(7), Timpani, Violin(2), Viola, Cello, Contrabass
Desire Below (Calm)
Custom audio

Desire Below (Calm)

18 parts22 pages05:214 days ago56 views
Percussion(6), Synthesizer(4), Strings(6), Other Woodwinds, Contrabass

THX Music

4 parts3 pages02:085 days ago4 views
Synthesizer(3), Other Woodwinds


16 parts69 pages04:487 days ago3 views
Synthesizer(12), Other Woodwinds(2), Bass, Percussion
Custom audio


14 parts8 pages03:229 days ago12 views
Flute, Harmonica, Trumpet, Bass, Percussion(8), Other Woodwinds, Synthesizer
One Movement Symphony
Custom audio

One Movement Symphony

17 parts11 pages10:0710 days ago41 views
Piano, Percussion(2), Organ, Harmonica, Guitar, Bass, Strings(2), Voice, Tuba, Brass Ensemble, Clarinet, Other Woodwinds(2), Synthesizer(2)