Sheet music for Organ, Harmonica, Trombone with 18 instruments

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It would be nice to see organ voicings/stop settings on more scores. If using GrandOrgue or Hauptwerk, the organ selected and its stops would be interesting.As someone just starting my journey with pipe organs, it would be helpful to hear how others select which stops are used in absence of marked directions from the composer or when the recommended stop is not available.
Hi there. This is my first discussion here but it’s a game. If you know the rules of word chain then great, but I’ll explain for the others. If I said “hello” then you would have to say something beginning with O Rules. No swearsNo made up wordsOnly one wordHave fun

Musica Bella

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Flute, Harmonica, Accordion, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Percussion(7), Piano, Organ(2), Harp, Bass