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Hi everyone, my name is Sierra. I just thought I'd mention that I am also the 700 member. (I though that was pretty cool) I enjoy music of most any kind (my favorite genres are contemporary, country, and classical. I am also a christian and definitely not ashamed of it. Also thanks to Rebecca Y for letting me join.
Look, I know he was a jerk, but what's going on is practically no better then what he was doing.We have a very slanderous account of the events in this group's history ( @Rebecca Y my intent contacting his mother to try and help him, not to get him in trouble. I don't want my name to be a part of something portrayed in the way that you wrote it, can you please remove my name from that section of the group's history?). More recently some people pulled a prank on him essentially trolling him and taking justice into their own hands. I am not saying what he did was justified at all. However I'm saying that after having a talk with his mother (as you know I have her contact information) you all do not know the exact full story. The kid really doesn't know any better. Sure he should be banned, and he got banned. But I'm against the vigilantism that has been taking place. What's going on is overstepping some really plain moral boundaries. I admit myself that I took a part in the drama at first, saying how horrible what he did was. I apologize for anything I did that was out of bounds. beyond that I'm surprised that a lot of you are still following in on this. I just feel like some of us should know better. Some of the Christians in this group I know should know better. I should know better. Whatever happened to mercy and compassion? Whatever happened to forgiveness.  Heck I'm mad at myself for encouraging this.I twisted the intent of my part in this so it would fit in with the group. I portrayed myself contacting his mother as vigilante justice and revenge, not what I actually meant it to be. I think we really need to make sure that the drama in this group doesn't get out of hand. I think we really over stepped our boundaries here. This became more then innocent fun. We could have really hurt another human being. What if you or I were in their position? Would you want to be treated that way.I'm sorry that I'm writing this. I prefer to just be funny and lighthearted. I definitely did not enjoy writing this. I don't mean to condemn anyone and I hope no one feels that way when reading this. I'm writing this because I hope that we can change. I hope we can admit that this time that we did do some wrong things. Anyway please take my name out of any history for this group regarding  musix.I also don't want to be known as a 'Musix annoyer'. I don't know, but if this is what this group stands for - vigilante justice, mal-intended drama, hurting another human being, well, I don't know if I want to be a part of that. And it pains me to think that I might have without realizing that.  Thanks for reading through this.I don't mean to offend anyone.I hope I didn't offend anyone.My apologies.mnmwert-Micah Miller. 
I'm afraid of gas stations... they give me the hebee jebees.I afraid of a lot of other stuff but they are pretty common, thats  my only weird one. EDIT:Wait! I've got two other ones.One: Public bathrooms, they freak me out.two: starting conversations, I start sweating and stuttering. 


6 parts4 pages00:385 hours ago0 views
Voice(2), Guitar(2), Bass, Percussion

Old Town Road

6 parts11 pages02:585 hours ago18 views
Clarinet, Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone, Trombone(2), Tuba

He s Pirate

6 parts6 pages01:3312 hours ago15 views
Piccolo, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Percussion(2)

Toruk's Revenge

6 parts2 pages01:2016 hours ago2 views
Voice, Flute, French Horn, Trombone(2), Percussion